2018 Public Information Requests

Date Requestor Request Status Action
01.09.18 ORR201801 Kelsy Mittauer, Special Projects Producer The superintendent's contract. -Base salary and any possible bonuses -Number of vacation and sick days -Annuity payments -Life insurance policy -Medicare tax -Health insurance premiums -Gym membership -Cell phone, laptop or other devices -Any and all allowances including gas, travel, housing, insurance, gym membership, technology, vehicle, vehicle maintenance and insurance, meals, wireless plans, etc. -Personal drive -Security Detail sent link on web of the superintendent's contract
01.16.18 ORR201802 LeAnna Harding Request any emails (please include attachments) or letters that have been sent to Daniel Gallagher and Tony Tipton from any of the LEISD Education Foundation board members beginning January 8th, 2018. I would also like any emails (please include attachments) or letters sent to the LEISD Education Foundation board members from Mr. Gallagher or Dr. Tipton since January 8th, 2018. sent
01.16.18 ORR201803 Holly Robinson all emails and attachments sent between Education Foundation board members and the Little Elm ISD Superintendent and Administration from January 1, 2018 to present. sent 1.17
01.16.18 ORR201804 Angela Uren request emails, to include any and all attachments, sent to and received from any of the Little Elm ISD Education Foundation Board members, the Superintendent of LEISD and the LEISD Administration starting from 1/1/2018 and including up to the date you can complete this request. sent 1.17
01.17.18 ORR201805 Jennifer Montgomery I would like to request copies of all emails and attachments between ANY Little Elm ISD Education Foundation Board member and the LEISD Superintendent and Administration from December 15th, 2017 up to and including the date of which this request can be completed. sent 1.17
01.18.18 ORR201806 Mary Watkins I formally request copies of all emails and attachments sent between any Little Elm ISD Education Foundation board member and the LEISD superintendent and Administration from January 1, 2018 and including up to the date you can complete this request sent 1.18
01.18.18 ORR201807 Zoe Yalcin, Smartprocure any and all purchasing records from 2017-09-20 to current. 1. Purchase order number. If purchase orders are not used a comparable substitute is acceptable, i.e., invoice, encumbrance, or check number 2. Purchase date 3. Line item details (Detailed description of the purchase) 4. Line item quantity 5. Line item price 6. Vendor ID number, name, address, contact person and their email address sent 1.25
01.31.18 ORR201808 Kilian Goldin, Dallas Forth Realtor first and last name of all staff, salary and email addresses. sent
02.13.18 ORR201809 Amy Hillock all emails received from or sent to members of the public, LEISD staff or members of the LEISD Board of Truestees that reference the LEISD Education Foundation, myself, or any member past or present of the roundation board. All attachments included. From Jan 1 to present date. pending 2.15 asked to narrow scope of request.
02.14.18 ORR201810 Kelsey Mittauer, CBS11 Producer --Any and all lockdown/active shooter drills conducted since August 1, 2016. Please include the campus name and date of each drill. --The date and findings of the district's last safety audit. pending
02.08.18 ORR201811 Tim Perkins, Underwood Perkins, P.C. All docs, any contract, any correspondence District CFO, Superintendent, Board members, third party vendors (TASA, TASB, FGSC, Friends of TX Public Schools,TX Assoc. of Community Schools, Tx Assoc. of Secondary School Prin, Texas Council of Admin of SpEd, TxElem. Prin and Supervisors Assoc, Tx Retired Teachers Assoc., Texas Rural Ed. Assoc., Association of TX Pro. Eds, TX Legislators, emps of TX Ed. Assoc., Raise your Hand TX -- pending This request is broad in scope. All the details of the request are too large for the space provided for online posting.

2017 Public Information Requests

Date Requestor Request Status Action
12.05.17 Kenric Ward, Texas Monitor News all correspondence the Dist or Superintendent(S) had with anyone related to elections, primary elec., primaries, get out the vote efforts, GOTV, voting, lit. paper or electronic distributed to teachers, princ, S, school employees - elections, primary elections, get out the vote efforts, all corr. with district or S with TASB, TASSP, TEPSA, TASA, TASPA, TCPEA, TALAS, ATPE, TCTA, TAFT, TSTA, TXParent PAC, Raise Your Hand TX, State Legs./staff, TX House Public Ed. Comm., Johnson/Johnson,
12.05.17 Kenric Ward cont - Pastors for TX Children, Rev. Charles Foster Johnson, Charles Johnson, Dr. Charles Luke, Rev. Bobby Broyles, Rev. Dr. Jeff Johnson asked to clarify request 12/7, received email 1/11. asked to clarify 1/17/18.
11.29.17 Scott Nibling, New York Life all district employee email addresses sent
11.17.17 Tom Canby, Associate Executive Director for the TX Assocation of School Business Officials one copy of the final construction pay application per facility, itemized schedule of values. one copy of exhibit A for each project. sent
11.17.17 Howard Karloff, Lamplighter One staff first and last names and email addresses. sent
11.07.17 Rosa Myers, Administrative Assistant for Harmony Public Schools-Dallas/Ft. Worth/Waco District. requesting student names, school names by student names, grade level, address seeking TX AG Opinion, Does not rule on FERPA - no information to release. 1.23.18
11.06.17 Ryan Evans, Financial Rep for The Guardian Life Insurance Company of America employees first and last name, hire date, salary, building location, title, email, years of service under TRS. sent
10.25.17 Pia Foster, United Educators Assocation requesting a teacher New Hire list with the names, campus and email addresses sent
10.23.17 Justin Kramer, American Transparency any and all vendor (transfer of property or services payee payments for the 2016 year. Vendor name, address, city, state, zip code, check date, check number, department, agency, type of payment and description of products or services/purpose of payment. 10/30 requester is reviewing labor charge for request. 10/31 Withdrawn request withdrawn request
10.20.17 Zach Vaughn All correspondence to, from, or mentioning Scott Milder, Leslie Milder, Friends of Texas Public Schools, Common Sense Communications LLC, SHW Group or Stantec 2. Any other docs prepares by or mentioning of any of the aboe listed individuals and entities. This includes, public notices minutes or agendas about meetings where they participated or were discussed. It also would include copies of any contracts signed with any of those id'd and records of any payments made to them. 10/30 asked for clarification 10/31 2004-2017 11/6 gave requester estimated amount to fulfill his request. 11/7 gave requester an updated estimate for request.
10.20.17 RD Carrington, Sr. obtain copies of public records that include both regular and pecial school board meeting agendas and minutes for the 2014-2015 school year (August 1, 2015 - June 30, 2015. sent
09.25.17 Jeffery Butler Little Elm ISD full time employees names, position, campus information, date of hire, and email addresses. sent
09.20.17 1st American Pension Services, Gloria Talamantez Current listing of ALL 2017-2018 Full-Time Employees Current Campus Occupation School E-mail Address Salary Years of Service Mobile Phone Number sent
09.18.17 Zoe Yalcin,SmartProcure 1. Purchase order number. If purchase orders are not used a comparable substitute is acceptable, i.e. invoice, encumbrance, or check number 2. Purchase date 3. Line item details (Detailed description of the purchase) 4. Line item quantity 5. Line item price 6. Vendor ID number, name, address, contact person and their email address sent
09.15.17 John Godbey list of school district employees and their email addresses. sent
09.11.17 Tammy Brey copy of the bid tabulations along with any executed contracts as a result of the recent renewal of Canon copy machines district wide. Service leases and purchase agreements. sent
09.01.17 Sarona Winfrey, community member and district parent see what marketing materials you might be able to provide — looking for any sorts of facts and figures re: student numbers, success in academics/athletics/extracurricular activities, testing stats (state/national statistics/comparisons), and growth of the LEISD over the years. sent
08.31.17 Katherine Baker Information for every teacher and staff member (employee) currently employed in LITTLE ELM ISD. Campus (or office building name, for staff) First Name Middle Name Last Name Position Grade Level(for teachers) Subject Area taught (for teachers) Certified in Area of Instruction (for teachers) Home Address School Email Gender Race/Ethnicity Hire Date Years of Experience Current Salary sent
08.28.17 Anna Williams A copy of the top 50 vendors and donors over the past fiscal year with whom Little Elm ISD has conducted business. Please include the contract information, with invoice amounts, as well as the name, address, phone numbers and email addresses. sent
08.23.17 Carrie Childress, AXA Insurance Full Name, Job Title, Job Location, Salary, District – years of service, TRS – years of service, Employee Address, Cell Phone Number, Home Phone Number, DOB or Age, Email sent
08.23.17 MSgt Jason Williams contact information to all Juniors and Senios at LEHS. sent We give parents the option to opt out to providing military personnel student contact information.
08.23.17 Staff Sergeant Timothy Rodriguez, USMC student contact information for Juniors and Seniors sent Parents were given the option to opt out at registration to release student contact info.
08.22.17 Tamara Sanford, United Educators Assoctaion list of all employees: first and last names, position held, district email address, campus/job location. sent
07.25.17 Emily Jolly, Horace Mann Insurance request all LEISD employee names, email, school position and school location sent
07.12.17 Kelsy Mittauer, CBS 11 Dallas -Employee name, job title, department, school/grade if applicable, annual salary and hire date for all district employees. sent

2016 Public Information Requests

Date Requestor Request Status Actions
12.12.16 Labor Market and Career Information Dept Texas Workforce Commission · Job titles · Wage rates (hourly or contract annual salary) · Campus Level and Special Ed or Voc/CTE status (for Teachers) · Department (for Administrators/Staff) sent
10.28.16 Jake Ward, Ticket Monster email directory for all LEISD employees. sent
10.22.16 Nick Hoover names, positions, school they work, and email of all LEISD employees. sent
10.18.16 Kelly Albright, Homes for Heroes staff emails, names sent
09.26.16 Gloria Talamantez, Marketing Coordinator requesting all full-time employee information: campus title email address salary years of service phone numbers sent
09.21.16 John Godbey, Broker/Owner Teacher homebuyer requesting school district employees and their email addresses for the 2016-2017 school year. sent
09.19.16 Sgt. Jason Williams, USAF requesting student information for seniors and juniors for recruitment and future ready opportunities. sent
09.14.16 Jeff Butler request access to and a copy of a listing of all Little Elm ISD full time employees’ first, middle and last names including their title/position, and primary location information. sent
08.30.16 Tami Sanford, United Educators Association First Name of Employee Last Name of Employee Employee’s Little Elm ISD District Email Address Position held by Employee Campus / Job Location assignment of Employee sent
08.30.16 Lanre Famojuro, Attorney for United Educators Association 1.For teachers at Zellars Center and the Colin Powell 6th Grade Center: List of all teachers receiving any type of stipend/supplemental pay; what campus the teacher is located on; what the stipend is for (subject/program); and the total stipend amount. This information is requested for the 2015-2016 and 2016-17 school years. 2. document containing criteria for secondary math, science & world languages critical needs stipends. sent
08.26.16 Allan Parker, The Justice Foundation Provide written policy that entails "student school transfers outside the District who qualify under the Public Education Grant program." sent
08.23.16 Lin Powell, Primerica Financial Services, Inc. all LEISD employee listing, name of campus and work location, job title, district email sent
08.22.16 American Teachers Retirement Services, Jamie Box all LEISD staff emails, job titles, campus, campus address, phone numbers sent
08.11.16 Asim Awan, VALIC Financial Advisors a list of all employee names, work email addresses, and location. sent
08.10.16 Steve Ham, Retirement Benefits requesting an employee e-mail contact list sent
06.6.16 Corbett Smith, Dallas Morning News · Number of multi-purpose activity/athletic facilities (essentially an indoor football practice field) completed, under construction or in the planning stages in your school district · Facility opening date (by year) · Facility’s actual construction cost, if completed (if not, projected cost) · Number of square feet in facility sent
06.6.16 Allan Parker, The Justice Foundation requesting written District policy about the Obama Admin. Title IX Transgender Guidance during the 2016-2017 school year staring in the Fall. sent
06.28.16 Tommy Magelssen, Dallas Morning News 1. A helmet inventory list for the past five years, which includes manufacturer and model for every helmet that is used in the high school football program as well as the date the helmets were purchased. 2. A list of members of the school district’s Concussion Oversight Team, as well as length on the team and job title. 3. The number of concussions suffered by members of the high school football team for the past four years via football-related activities. sent
06.17.16 Jeffrey Horsman, US Health Advisors Agent all staff email addresses for Little Elm ISD sent
06.13.16 Tommy Magelssen, Dallas Morning News age of football helmets, dates helmets reconditioned, invoices (past 5 years) for purchases of helmets (donations as well) include manufacturer and model of helmets, invoices for the recondition of helmets (past 5 years) include manufacturer and model of helmets. withdrawn
06.13.16 Tommy Magelssen, Dallas Morning News list of members of LEISD's concussion oversight team, length on team & job title. Include proof of completion of a recent training course in accordance to Education Code, & include return-to-play protocol. Any safety training literature or documentation provided to students who play HS football that explain symptoms of injuries, head & neck injuries, concussions & injuries related to second impact syndrome. LEISD compliance, database of concussion suffered, all return to play forms (limited text withdrawn clarified June 15
05.3.16 James Gray requested campaign finance reports from board candidates David Montemayor and Bill Brassfield sent
05.2.16 Tom Hargis, communications director for American Civil Liberties Union If you received challenges to books or other teaching materials in your school system, we are specifically interested in records that would contain the following information: The title and author of each and every book named in any such challenge; The name of the particular school(s) affected; The reason(s) given for the challenge; The result(s) (i.e. action(s) taken by school administrators) with regard to each challenge; and Any other information you believe is relevant. sent
04.21.16 Alice Keeran, O'HANLON, McCOLLOM & DEMERATH Attorneys-at-law A copy of the current declaration page of any insurance policy, self-insurance pool, or any other instrument which provides coverage for property damage occurring to school district buildings for Little Elm ISD. sent
04.11.16 James Gray Requesting copies of Campaign Finance reports for David Montemayor and William "Bill" Brassfield sent

2015 Public Information Requests

Date Requestor Request Status
11.19.15 Bertha Torres, AXA Advisors new employees for 2015-2016, information to include first and last name, job title, job location, salary, years of experience, years with TRS. sent
11.17.15 Daniel Ortiz, attorney 1. A copy of evaluations and appraisals on . 2. personnel file of . 3. copy of contract of employment. 4. copy of anything noting complaints, concerns, grievances filed against . 5. concerns, complaints grievances filed by . 6. responses to 4 and 5 above. 7. anything reflecting an investigation conducted by district involving . sent
11.03.15 Rebecca Bradley; Abernathy, Roeder, Boyd, and Hullett information regarding an individual under any of the following names -- (name of individual is not public) 1. Date of application 2. Date of interview 3. whether this person accepted an offer for employment at your district. no information to give
10.22.15 SSG. Jason Boyd a report for juniors and seniors for opportunities after high school. Name, address, grade of each student. Requesting phone number if available. sent
10.2.15 Shelley Parker, Data Research Partners LEISD listing of all employees' first and last names, email addresses, title position, and primary campus location. sent
10.19.15 Sgt. Robert Higar ARMY a report for juniors and seniors for opportunities after high school. Name, address, grade of each student. Requesting phone number if available. sent
10.1.15 Jason Williams, USAF students "OK to contact" listing sent
09.9.15 Gloria Talamantez, 1st American Pension Services current listing of all employees, current campus, home address, home/mobile phone numbers, school email addresses, years of service, and salary. modified information to exclude personal information such as home address and home/mobile phone numbers. sent
09.8.15 John Godbey, Teacher Homebuyer Real Estate Founder list of all employees and their school email addresses sent
09.3.15 Genevieve Le Data Analyst & Map Coordinator Population & Survey Analysts district enrollment numbers and kindergarten enrollment numbers and include the date the counts were taken. sent
09.26.15 Saxon Craft, ADCO Navy Recruiting Officer Name of all students at each campus. sent
09.21.15 Jefferey Butler copy of a listing of all LEISD full time employees first, middle and last names including their title/position and primary campus information. sent
09.11.15 Andy Burstein Legacy Veterinary Hospital LEISD email addresses sent
09.1.15 Andrea Norwood, Senior Legal Asst. Association of Texas Professional Educators request for information regarding our complaint/grievance (blank) forms for levels 1,2, & 3 for the 2015-2016 policy years. sent
08.25.15 Chotsie Bickerstaff, National Life requesting 2015-2016 records of teacher names, email addresses, titles, campus sent
08.25.15 Tami Sanford, United Educators Association requesting 2015-2016 employee records to include first and last name, employees email address, position held, campus/job location of employee. sent
07.9.15 Louis Balady Town Square Financial Name and e-mail addresses of all LEISD employees in an excel spreadsheet. sent
07.28.15 Eva Parks -- NBCUniversal requesting records or a database for concussions broken down by sport for the last two calendar years. If your athletic department keeps a database/record showing concussions broken by sport. The information should be broken down by grade, school, sport, year. We are requesting you search 2014-15 and 2013-14 school years. sent
07.27.15 Sophia Saliovski, American Teachers Retirement Services requesting employee directory containing email addresses, campus, position, telephone number and campus addresses. sent
07.20.15 Jeffrey Horsman, US Health Advisors update email list of all the teachers and staff in Little Elm ISD for 2015-2016 school year. sent
07.1.15 James Sheets Attorney at Law 1. Name, title, and mailing address of the individual currently designated as records management officer for LEISD. 2. Copy of the Records Retention Schedule currently on file with the Texas State Library and Archives 3. Name and mailing address of the individuals responsible for receiving and processing public information requests. sent
05.6.15 Andy Forbes, Director of Constituent Services, Rep. Pat Fallon's office names of graduating seniors, valedictorian and salutatorian for the 2014-2015 graduating class. sent
05.5.15 Sonia Bashamm Marketing Specialist for Responsive Education Solutions requesting “directory information” for: A) All students in your School District who were enrolled for any part of the 2014-2015 school year. B) All students in your School District who have withdrawn from the 2014-2015 school year. Student Name, student email addresses, parent name, student addresses, School Attending, student grade level, phone numbers, student lever code, parent email addresses amended request: not to include parents name, emails, school attending, student phone number, student lever code. Sent.
04.9.15 Tony Pagan - Federal Public Defender Office requesting all Special Education records from 1992-1998 on former student enrolled during that time receiving those services. N/A
04.16.15 Frank Harding - resident the receive the following information for all three of the place 5 school board candidates (Libby Daftari, Jason Olson, David Montemayor): campaign finance reports that were due April 9 and signed ballot applications. sent

2014 Public Information Requests

Date Requester Request Status
12.4.14 Jeff Butler LEISD Employee names, campus and position sent
12.11.14 Maia Levenson with Schulman, Lopez & Hoffer, LLP Contracts, salaries, non-salary benefits, salary schedules for: Interim Superintendent, Director of Business and Operations, Executive of Accountability and Student Support, Executive of Human Resources sent
11.13.14 Jay Frank Research Costs associated with phone and internet services clarification
11.10.14 Rick Moody Legal Fees since June 1, 2014 sent
11.10.14 Rick Moody Invoices from Griggs and Associates n/a