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Elementary Dress Code

DRESS  CODE is established to teach grooming and hygiene, prevent disruptions, and minimize safety hazards. Students and parents may determine a student’s personal dress and grooming standards, provided they comply with the following:

  • Students must come to school clean and neat and wearing clothing exhibiting grooming that will not be a health or safety hazard to the students or others and will not detract from the educational atmosphere of the school.
  • Clothing that is ripped, torn, ragged or suggestive (low- cut, revealing or provocative) is not allowed at school. Holes, rips, tears, etc. designed into clothing must be patched so that no skin is visible.
  • Shorts, pants, etc. must be worn at the natural waistline. No sagging will be permitted.
  • For safety and health reasons, shoes must be worn in the school building at all times. House shoes and slippers will not be allowed at any time. All clothing and footwear must be worn as traditionally intended. Appropriate footwear must be worn for activities and classes that involve exercise.
  • All students are expected to wear clothing, undergarments and hair style in keeping with their gender. Make-up is not permitted for male students. Undergarments will not be visible at any time.
  • Facial hair is allowed as long as it is closely trimmed and neatly groomed.
  • Dresses or tops that are strapless, have spaghetti-type straps, are backless, show midriff, or are low-cut are prohibited. Tank tops, fishnet or other see-through material may not be worn.
  • Appropriate shorts and skirts may be worn in grades PK-5.
  • Pictures, emblems, or writings that administration reasonably believes will be disruptive or are lewd, offensive, vulgar, suggestive or obscene, or that advertise or depict tobacco products, alcoholic beverages, drugs or any other  substances prohibited under policy FNCL (L) will not be allowed.
  • Heavy full-length outerwear, such as dusters, trench coats, or Gothic (aka: Emo) attire, is prohibited from being worn in the building.
  • No headgear whatsoever may be worn in the school building except for sporting events. This also includes any type of cap, bandannas, hairnets, stocking caps, sweatbands, or combs of any type. No gang related clothing or symbols may be worn or displayed. The district works closely with law enforcement authorities to update gang trends. Restrictions on clothing and symbols may change accordingly.
  • No sunglasses will be allowed in the building unless prescribed by a doctor. The prescription must be remitted to the nurse’s office.
  • Piercing must be restricted to the ears. Gauges or very large holes in the ear are not permitted. Students must cover such piercing in a manner acceptable to the campus administration. No tongue rings, nose, eyebrow, lip, chin, or other visible piercing will be allowed at any time.
  • Any tattoos must be covered and not visible during the instructional day.
  • Chains are not permitted.
  • The length of  students’ hair is not regulated; however, hair may not be worn in a fashion that obstructs a clear view of the face. Hair may not be in a fashion or color that is considered by the administration to be distracting. Etchings in hair and/or eyebrows are not permitted. Hair should always be of a natural color, with no striping, streaking, or extreme coloring. No distracting hair or eyebrow designs or styles are allowed.

Since the dress code cannot list every eventuality, the campus administration is the final authority on determination of appropriateness. If the campus administration determines that a student’s dress and/or grooming violates the dress code, the student shall be given an opportunity to correct the problem at school. Students who are not dressed appropriately will be required to notify parents to bring an appropriate change or be sent home to change to appropriate attire. If not corrected, the student shall be assigned to in-school suspension for the remainder of the day. Once a dress code violation has been addressed, repeated violations of a similar nature will be interpreted as insubordination and may result in more serious disciplinary action. Appropriate discipline procedures shall be followed in all cases.


The principal, in connection with the sponsor, coach, or other person in charge of an extra-curricular activity, may regulate the dress and grooming of students who participate in that activity. Students who violate these standards may be removed or excluded from the activity for a period determined by the principal and/or sponsor and/or may be subject to other disciplinary action.


The principal may temporarily amend or suspend any or all of the dress code for specific occasions or events.

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