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Announcing the Little Elm ISD Education Foundation

Who’s ready to Enrich, Inspire, and Innovate? The newly formed Little Elm Independent School District Education Foundation Board, that’s who! A group of professional and passionate individuals have joined together to form a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization to support our Lobo teachers in the classroom so they can provide innovative learning opportunities for our students.
“The 18 members of our Board of Directors come from across North Texas, many from Little Elm, with a variety of skillsets and expertise,” said Pat Robbins, LEISD director for Communications and Community Relations. “Some are parents of students in LEISD and others are simply focused on helping us give our Lobos the best possible preparation for their futures.”
Ed Griffin, the Foundation president, has spent 38 years leading non-profit organizations in both the public and private sectors. Currently a political consultant at the national, state and local levels, Griffin is focused on building the organization to be, not only sustainable, but a premiere education foundation in the state.
Education foundations are formed to support local schools by raising private dollars to invest in innovative programs not funded through public dollars. “We carefully budget our limited funding to provide the essentials,” said Dr. Lowell Strike, superintendent of Schools for Little Elm ISD. “What our new Foundation can do is give innovative teachers the freedom to place meaningful learning tools in the hands of students to expand what is possible.”

“As our founding members developed the mission and priorities, they looked to the District’s mission for guidance,” said Robbins. “They felt it was important to ensure strong alignment so they used LEISD’s mission to: ENGAGE, EQUIP, and EMPOWER each student to realize their full potential, as a model. The Little Elm ISD Education Foundation’s mission is to: Partner with the community to provide resources that Enrich Teaching, Inspire Learning, and Maximize Innovative Opportunities so every student can realize their full potential.
The Foundation’s Funding Priorities will be:
  • Innovative Teaching Grants 
  • Recognition of Teaching Excellence
  • Recognition of Student Achievement 
  • Student Support Grants 
  • Student Scholarships
Dr. Strike has worked with education foundations in many of his former districts. “When I arrived in Little Elm three years ago,” said Strike, “I knew one of my priorities would be to find a group of volunteers willing to build an organization to help us provide those extras that turn great into excellent. It’s not just about the money. It’s also about having a group of advocates who know us well enough to be voices for our District. We are proud to announce the Little Elm ISD Education Foundation has been formed!”
For more information or to donate: www.littleelmisdeducationfoundation.org

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