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Board Appreciation Month Spotlight

#7 David Montemayor

What do you cherish about being a member of the Little Elm ISD All-Star Team?
Seeing first hand all the great things that are happening in the District and helping empower our Superintendent in achieving the vision he has for LEISD.
What sport did you play in high school and why?
Football, because I love the game and it's one of the few socially acceptable ways you can hit people.
Why is it important to you to serve as a board of trustee?
To help bring up the standard for every LEISD student to what I expect for my own child.
If you were a student at Little Elm High School during this day in age, what would you want to experience?
The ability to be involved in multiple activities. In high school I did: Number Sense, football and marching band. In many schools in our region you have to choose only one activity but our size allows great access to a variety of activities and the ability to do several.
What are you most proud of about Little Elm ISD?
The recent and upcoming growth of our CTE offerings and the access our students have for college credits in high school and early admittance to great universities and colleges. Our college-bound kids have great opportunities here. Our kids who are ready to start earning a living upon graduation deserve the same opportunity for preparedness.

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