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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I know if may child qualifies for transporation?

  • Is there still a pay to ride service for LEISD transportation?

  • If my child's bus is late, who should I call?

  • How do I retrieve items that were left on the bus?

  • My child is moving to Little Elm from another school district, how can I get my student on a Little Elm school bus?

  • Can my child ride home with a friend/family member on a different bus?

  • Can my children sit together on the bus?

  • How can I increase my awareness as it pertains to school bus safety?

  • Do buses have video cameras?

  • If my child misses the bus, will you come back to pick him/her up?


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    General Manager, GoldStar Transit
    Dawn CaffeyDawn Caffey
    GoldStar Transit