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Professional Learning in LEISD

    This document contains the following information:
    • District Professional Learning Philosophy
    • How to Design & Facilitate Effective Learning Experiences
    • Required Elements for District Provided Professional Learning
    • Scheduling & Reset Procedures for PL Rooms
    • Assessing the Impact of Professional Learning
    • District Requirements for Flex/Exchange Hours
    • Explanation of Allowable Professional Learning Credit Hours
    • Summit Facilitator Protocols & Expectations

Professional Learning Belief

  • " " In order to accomplish our mission to Engage, Equip and Empower each student to realize her or his full potential, we must provide quality Professional Learning opportunities for every LEISD FamiLE member so they can do the same.  We see it as our duty to build capacity in staff as instructional leaders and become the Destination District for teachers, administrators, specialists, administrative assistants, and support staff as well as students.  


    Little Elm ISD offers a wide variety of Professional Learning opportunities throughout the year in order to reach the needs of each staff member and remain in compliance with district, local, and state mandates.


    The Strategic Plan for Teaching & Learning supports these goals with the following specific strategies and action steps:

    • We will provide specific and purposeful learning and calibration on rigor, relevance, and learner engagement that drives instruction and extends learning for each student.
    • We will provide relevant professional learning opportunities that build capacity in teachers and prepares them to present rigorous, relevant, and engaging instruction in the classroom and to peers.  
    • We will provide ongoing training and professional learning for the implementation and support of rigorous and engaging instruction at the campus level as well as Professional Learning Communities.

Summer Learning Summit

  • Summer Learning Summit Little Elm ISD provides an annual Professional Learning conference the first week of summer break that serves the learning needs of the entire district as well as local not for profit partner schools.  Valuable and relevant learning can be acquired during this opportunity in addition to required yearly Professional Learning comp hours.  All sessions provided at SLS align to LEISD’s core values, mission, and district initiatives of Rigor/Relevance/Learner Engagement and Professional Learning Communities. Teachers, campus and district administrators, content coordinators, specialists and other staff members are highly encouraged to attend and present at this conference. SLS is designed to allow for choice and to build capacity within our own staff to create and deliver meaningful and timely professional learning.

Externships for CTE Teachers

  • Little Elm ISD is proud to announce their Career Technical Education (CTE) Teacher Externship Program, which will allow Career Technical Education (CTE) teachers to participate in a two-day summer externship with local businesses. This Externship Program will enhance the skills and industry knowledge of the teachers currently educating our future workforce.