Degrees and Certifications:

BA Communications | Texas A&M University

Ms. Victoria Charanza | 6th Grade ELAR

My name is Victoria Charanza, and this is my third year with Little Elm ISD!  I have a BA in Communications from Texas A&M University with a minor in English.  

During my time at Texas A&M University, I helped begin a literary magazine that published writing from students of all majors. We had everything from engineers who wrote poetry to biomed students who penned short stories. It was amazing to see people with different passions and talents create amazing content. 

I have a desire to educate and motivate young people to be their best self. I have seen how English/Language Arts translates into a variety of careers, and I know the role literacy plays in a students educational journey. I believe all students can learn and I am dedicated to working with students to ensure their success.

If you would like to schedule tutoring or a conference, please email me at

  • Tutoring: Monday/Wednesday Mornings
                      8:00am- 8:35am 
                    Email me which day you will attend 

    First Period 8:55 – 9:50

    Second Period 9:53 – 10:43

    Third Period 10:46 – 11:36 | Conference Period

    Fourth Period 11:39 – 1:12  

    Fifth Period 1:15 – 2:05 

    Sixth Period 2:08 – 2:58

    Seventh Period 3:01 – 3:51

    Clubs & Enrichment 3:54 – 4:30

  • Grading Policy: 

    Classwork- Formative (60%)

    • Common Formative Assessments (CFA)
    • CFA Quiz- every week over skills learned
    • Homework and daily classwork

    Tests- Summative - (40%)

    • Unit exams
    • CSA- Common Summative Assessment (projects, essays, and multiple choice exams).

    Canvas DOES NOT reflect a students accurate grade. For accurate student grades, please check Focus. 

    If a student does not turn in an assignment when due, an ‘M’ will be placed in the gradebook until the work is turned in. An 'M' will transfer to a '0' (zero) automatically at the end of a grading period.