About Teacher

Mr. Oscar Rosado - 1st Grade

Phone: 972-947-9455 ext.44116


Degrees and Certifications:

Mr. Oscar Rosado - 1st Grade

Mr. Rosado was born in San Juan, Puerto Rico in 1975. He has a B.A. in General Psychology granted in Sacred Heart University. He came to Dallas in the year 2006 through the Dallas ISD Alternative Teacher Certification Program. He worked as a Bilingual Pre-K Teacher at Ignacio Zaragoza Elementary until May, 2012. He taught Second Grade Bilingual at Christie Elementary in 2013. Finally he moved to Oak Point Elementary as a third grade teacher for the year 2013-2014 and currently is teaching first grade. As a first grade teacher he is responsible for designing lesson plans and activities that develop skills in five areas: social and emotional development, language and communication, reading, writing, and math. It is his goal to provide students basic social skills like sharing, cooperating and participating in small group activities with their bilingual partners. Build the necessary skills to follow rules and contribute to the class community. Identify common routines, events and categorize time so the students know next time, tomorrow, yesterday, and story sequence among others. Develop activities where students learn how to listen for a variety of purposes like retelling the story. He guides students in the development of reading and writing skills. He designs activities that allow students to count objects, compare quantities, recognize whole and parts, and group and regroup objects. He integrates technologies that allow children to learn through the use of computers, interactive presentations and interactive software.

Class Schedule

  • First Grade Dual Language Schedule

    8:05-8:10  Announcements

    8:10-8:20  ELAR Minilesson

    8:20-9:00  ELAR Guided Reading 

    9:00-9:15  Recess

    9:15-10:00 ELA Writing 

    10:00-10:15  Recess 

    10:15-11:00  Math (Mr. Rosado)/Sc.-S.S. (Ms. Galland)

    11:00-11:30  Lunch    

    11:30-12:00  Recess         

    12:00–12:45 Math (Ms. Galland)/Sc.-S.S. (Mr. Rosado)

    12:45–1:00 Recess 

    1:00-1:20   Finish Math/Sc.-S.S. Rotation  

    1:20–2:10  Specials

    2:10-2:35  Conceptual Refinement

    2:35-2:55  Positive Action

    2:55-3:30  Bilingual Centers

    3:30-3:40 Clean up/Dismissal