Mrs. Julie Sevier - 4th Grade Math

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Mrs. Julie Sevier - 4th Grade Math

I am beginning my 17th year in LEISD.  I am originally from Denton, Texas, and I graduated from UNT. 
I have a wonderful husband and 3 children: Levi-27, Brett-15 and Torie-13.  My family also includes two dogs that we love very much.  Kendrick is a dachshund, and Max is a dachshund/terrier mix.  My daughter recently purchased a new guinea pig and named her Oreo.  Did you know that they are not from Guinea, nor are they a type of pig? They are from South America and are actually rodents.
My family resides in Oak Point.  We absolutely love this area.
My family and I travel as often as possible. We enjoy hiking and exploring new cities.  We love warm weather destinations, especially beaches.  This summer we visited Chicago and beautiful San Diego, California. 
I love to read when I have time.  My all-time favorite book is Water for Elephants.
Many interesting things happened the year I was born.  President Dwight D. Eisenhower died.  Richard Nixon was inaugurated as president.  The first man stepped on the moon.  The song of the year was "Mrs. Robinson".  Although my parents were not there, I was born on the same day as the music festival, Woodstock.
I am looking forward to a wonderful year as a 4th grade teacher.  

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