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  • "Science is an enterprise that should be cherished as an activity of the free human mind. Because it transforms who we are, how we live, and it gives us an understanding of our place in the universe."

    ~ Neil deGrasse Tyson

    DNA Statements  
    Science instruction is built around our LEISD Science DNA Statements.

Advanced Middle School Science

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    Students need the opportunity to enroll in a science class that matches their math course of study. Advanced Middle School Science provides above level math students with a challenging course that aligns their math skills with the appropriate science instruction. If students choose the STEM science endorsement for high school, they will not have to “double up” on science classes in order to meet the requirements. More information about endorsements.



    Students in Pre-AP or Compacted Math qualify for AMSS. Chapter 112.39 of the Texas education code states “Algebra I is suggested as a prerequisite or co-requisite” for Physics. Because of this, LEISD requires students to be enrolled in or have completed Algebra 1 to take physics. To enroll in AMSS, contact your campus counselor or sign up during course registration.


    Powell 6th Grade Center

    Kelly Painter

    Phone: 972.292.3200 ext 31004



    Prestwick STEM Center

    Sandy Burrell

    Phone: 972-947-9450 Ext. 32007




    It’s easy for students to accelerate their math instruction and complete Algebra 1 or Geometry in middle school, but what about science? Until now, there hasn't been an option for those students in LEISD.  Advanced science provides an option to allow students to combine like concepts from across grade levels in two years.  This will allow advanced middle school students the ability to take Physics during their 8th grade year.


    • 6th grade year: 6th Grade AMSS covers 54% of 6th grade science standards, 73% of 7th grade science standards, and 15% of 8th grade science standards.
    • 7th grade year: 7th Grade AMSS covers 46% of 6th grade science standards, 27% of 7th grade science standards, and 85% of 8th grade science standards. Students will take the 8th grade science STAAR.
    • 8th grade year: Students will complete Physics (1 high school credit).


    Ciencias Avanzadas para Seundaria (AMSS) en Español


  • Jennifer BernaboJennifer Bernabo
    Coordinator for Science
    972.947.9340 ext. 10603

Advanced Science

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