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    Posted by Cecelia Jones on 1/23/2023 11:00:00 PM

    6. Superintendent Spotlight

    A. Students Recognition Presenter: Ross Roberts

    Congratulations to our SOM and Superintendent Stars!


    Brent - 5th Grader Cody Brown

    Chavez - 2nd Grader Kynlee Banks

    Hackberry - 4th Grader Austin Glover

    Lakeview - 4th Grader Elynne Lunn

    Oak Point - 3rd Grader Evangeline Judd

    Prestwick - Hattie Branch-Evans

    Strike and Walker MS

    Francesca Flewelling - 6th Grader

    Mariah Leonard - 8th Grader

    LEHS - Luke Dabliz, senior

    Vanessa Okpagu, senior

    B. Little Elm ISD Education Foundation Recognition Presenter: Cecelia Jones

    $6,000 check presentation to the LEISD Education Foundation from the proceeds of the 633 Run.

    C. Lobo Angel Tree Recognition Presenter: Yamile Quintero

    D. Board Recognition Month Presenter: Daniel Gallagher

    7. Reports of the Superintendent

    A. 2023-2024 Little Elm ISD Calendar Presenter: Dr. Penny Tramel

    Dr. Tramel presented a breakdown of the calender survey sent to the community before the Christmas break. See the presentation beginning on page 5 of Boardbook.


    8. Citizen Input Audience participation shall be permitted at regular Board meetings and shall be limited to the public comment portion designated for that purpose.


    9. Approval of Minutes A. Consider approval of Special Meeting Minutes - December 5, 2022 Presenter: Sonia S. Flores

    vote passed

    B. Consider approval of Regular Board Meeting Minutes - December 12, 2022 Presenter: Sonia S. Flores

    vote passed


    10. Action Items 

    A. Consider approval of Personnel Actions Related to DFE (LEGAL) Presenter: Asheley Brown

    vote passed

    B. Consider approval of Cabinet - Level Administrative Contracts and Agreements Presenter: Asheley Brown

    vote passed

    C. Consider approval of the Lease Agreement for Recreational Grounds and Facilities between The Town of Little Elm and Little Elm Independent School District for Approximately 23 Acres around Brent Elementary School Presenter: Daniel Gallagher

    For LEAYSA and the development of fields for our youth sports groups in Little Elm around the LEISD Admin building. The same would be for the area around Brent Elementary. Cricket Pitch.

    vote passed

    D. Consider approval of Order Authorizing Issuance Bonds Presenter: Shay Adams

     - start selling the bond issuance from the November 2022 Bond election.

    vote passed

    E. Consider approval of Architectural and Specialty Vendor Recommendations for the 2022 Bond Program Presenter: Rick Martin

    vote passed

    11. Consent - A-F -- vote passed

    Recessed back to closed at 9:52

    Reconvene - 10:42

    Board President Comments:Olson - thanked staff for staying late -- and the parents for coming out. Reach out to state legislators -- funding, educational resources, expressed to Dr. Tramel to think creatively to work to bring ideas to the board, shorten Thanksgiving, stay longer passed May -- put forth creative way to make District the destination district.

    Board comments - Flores - echo comments, thanks for the gifts, it's not why we do this but it is nice to have.

    Mary - echo Olson's comments about reaching out to legislators about state funding. We are listening to teachers, those who spoke didn't talk about the money, they wanted stress relief and we hope we can creatively solve these issues.

    English - echo the comments. It's important for the community to understand - we give thoughts before making decisions. We try to make the best decisions. The teachers, we are listening. I know the pressures and pain you are experiencing. Thank you for the gifts.

    Thompson - I made the notes as the public comments were coming in. There are seven of us that aren't going anywhere. This is a problem we can solve. We have hearts in the right place. I want to acknowledge our superintendent for the work he is doing. We have a public forum for the superintendent search. 

    Montemayor - echo what everyone else has said. I want to circle back to the comments. Thank you to the staff who spoke. I know some said they are going to take this as if we aren't listening - the four day is an actual bulet that wont' solve the problem. There are things that need to be done before we do this. We know the faculty is hurting. We are listening to staff and parents.

    Beber - I think LE has what's best in front of us. I will let our parents know that it only takes a minute to send a note to a teacher to let them know how much you appreciate them.

    Gallagher - frustration was that a decision was made before the public comments. I know that the intent of this board if to not value our teachers, but I am afraid what happened tonight -  that is the message that was sent.


    adjourned at 10:56 p.m.


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