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  • 01.21.20

    Posted by Cecelia Jones on 1/21/2020 10:00:00 PM

    1. Call to Order Open Session in the Board Room at Zellars Center for Learning and Leadership on 300 Lobo Lane, Little Elm, Texas 75068.

    2. Pledge of Allegiance

    3. Invocation

    4. Introduction and Roll Call 5. Superintendent Spotlight

    A. Prestwick STEM Academy Presenter: Christine Gibson

    B. Little Elm High School - Students of the Month Presenter: Elizabeth Priddy

    C. Student Presentation Presenter: Daniel Gallagher

    D. Board Appreciation Month Presenter: Daniel Gallagher

    6. Citizen Input Audience participation shall be permitted at regular Board meetings and shall be limited to the public comment portion designated for that purpose

    closed meeting at 7:16


    8. Reports of the Superintendent

    A. Fundraising Information for LEISD - Update Presenter: Ross Roberts 

    LEISD Administration will update the LEISD Board of Trustees on information collected from various groups pertaining to our fundraising practices within LEISD.

    B. Report on HB3834 Cybersecurity Training Presenter: Clay Walker

    Annual Cybersecurity Awareness training - all employees and all elected officials.

    C. Parent and Family Involvement Update Presenter: Yamile Quintero - talked about the parent education program.

    9. Approval of Minutes A. Consider Regular Board Meeting Minutes - 12/16/2019 Presenter: Sonia S. Flores - vote passed

    10. Action Items

    A. Consider Maximum Class Sizes Exemptions - Class Size Waivers Presenter: Dr. Chad Teague 

    In grades K-4, the class size maximum is 22. Due to recent growth, we have 2 additional classes above the 22 student limit. We are requesting for approval to submit a class size waiver for the following classrooms that exceeded the 22 student limit since the previously submitted waiver. - vote passed

    B. Consider Stipend Update: Middle School Choir Stipend Presenter: Dr. Chad Teague - The Board approved the district compensation plan on July 29, 2019 and the stipend list did not include a stipend for middle school choir. Financial Implications: $1500 for 19-20; $3000 for each following year. Vote passed

    C. Consider Administrative Assistant, MS Principal FTE Presenter: Dr. Chad Teague -  2020-2021 school year for Walker Middle School

    D. Consider Financial Reports Presenter: Grant Anderson 

    E. Consider Little Elm ISD Interlocal Summary Report Presenter: Grant Anderson

    Monthly financial reports prepared by Business Services Department Financial Implications: Increase in General Fund revenues and increase in appropriate expenditure budgets Attachments:

    1) Budget Amendments

    2) Information – Miscellaneous Business Office Reports

    Monthly Fund Balance

    Comparison Statement of Unaudited Revenue and Expenditures Cash Flow

    Statements Bank Reconciliations

    Investment Report Fund

    Summary of Revenue and Expenditures

    Tax Collection Report

    Construction Report

    vote passed

    F. Consider Little Elm ISD Expenditures over $50,000 Summary Report Presenter: Grant Anderson

    vote passed

    G. Consider Credit Change Order No. 1 Bond Reroofing Projects Presenter: Rick Martin - vote passed

    Consent Agenda

    A-F - Vote passed

    12. Board President Comments Presenter: David Montemayor

    Thank you for the gifts it is nice to have and the emails of appreciation.

    13. Board Comments

    Olson - Thank you to staff

    Harding - Thank you for the gifts

    Blackwood - Thank you for the gifts

    14. Superintendent Comments - thank you to staff. We appreciate the board, and to those who couldn't be here, thank you. We make a great team.

    Close meeting at 9:14

    Watch the Board meeting

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