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  • 06.17.19

    Posted by Cecelia Jones on 6/17/2019 9:00:00 PM

    5. Approval of Minutes

    A. Consider the Special Meeting Minutes 5-09-2019 Presenter: Sonia S. Flores - vote passed 

    B. Consider the Special meeting Minutes 5-14-2019 Presenter: Sonia S. Flores - vote passed

    C. Consider the Special Meeting Minutes 5-15-2019 Presenter: Sonia S. Flores - vote passed

    D. Consider the Regular Board Meeting Minutes 5-20-2019 Presenter: Sonia S. Flores  - vote passed

    6. Superintendent Spotlight

    A. New Brent Elementary Principal - Karie Kuster Presenter: Ross Roberts


    citizen input -- talked about SAC unit at Brent and how she feels it is undersupported.


    Closed the meeting at 6:45 pm

    9. Reports of the Superintendent

    A. Telehealth Presentation  Presenter: Cleota Epps -- Telehealth clinics inside the campuses. Partnership with Cook Children's will provide the virtual equipment to a doctor or nurse practitioner can diagnose a student without leaving the school. Parents can be a part of the three-way call.


    B. Special Populations Services - Update Presenter: Ross Roberts overview and update of Special Pops --

    The overall idea -- the number of students we serve-- 

    504 - 682 students

    SpED - 722 students


    Spotlight --

    Training for School Resource Officers for students with disabilities who can't communicate.

    Expansion of Tuition Based PreK at Hackberry opening in the Fall of 2019. (Second classroom)

    Partnering with Brent Woodall Kids Foundation

    Special Olympics 

    C. Little Elm ISD Athletics - Update Presenter: Ross Roberts - 

    Sandra Howell gives the updates on athletics.

    Benefits of Co-Curricular Activities

    Focus for Middle School Athletics:

     - keep participation high in 7th grade

     - continue long term athlete development and fundamental skills in all sports

     - LEISD Athletics app is now all one for both HS and MS.

     - Assist principal to assist in culture

    6th Grade pre-athletics

     - benefits in maturity levels of athletic expectations

     - better discipline

    High School Teams -

    number of teams are still the same, but the number of participants are increasing.

    11 programs in the playoffs

    23 college signees

    83 all-district athletes with 12 MVP

    7 all alread, all region all state

    45 all-district all-academic players

    25 area regional

    Changes and improvements:

    update to code of conduct

    football coaches required by UIL to be tackling certified

    strong strength

    summer camps - encourage athletes to compete in multiple sports 350 to 500

    NCAA and collegiate requirements education for athletes and parents

    Preparations and evaluations of facility rentals for updated high school facility use when new facilities ready

    Be more competitive in coach stipends

    Implemented new mascot media app

    Program Goals - 

    continue to improve athletic readiness and standards

    continued monitoring or vertical alignment 6-12 grades for improvement


    championship banners


    D. 1st Quarter 2019 Growth Report - Rod Reeves - 

    economic conditions

    Texas enrollment trends

    Enrollment trends

    Home Ranking Report

    campus numbers



    10. Action Items

    A. Consider the Election of Officers President: Melissa Myers 

    David Montemayor as President - vote passed

    Jason Olson as Vice President - vote passed

    Alex Flores as Secretary - vote passed

    B. Consider BBE (LOCAL) Policy Update Presenter: Cleota Epps -- background check of all board members - vote passed

    C. Consider DEC (LOCAL) Policy Update Presenter: Cleota Epps - the 12-month period of measurement

    D. Consider EIC (LOCAL) Policy Update Presenter: Cleota Epps - regarding academic achievement class rankings as regards Advanced Placement (AP) and Honors courses as recommended by the Curriculum department. - vote passed

    E. Consider One FTE - Physical Therapist Special Education Presenter: Cleota Epps - Addition of one FTE to be allocated to serve as the Special Populations Physical Therapist in order to meet the growing demands of the department. vote passed

    F. Consider Financial Reports Presenter: Grant Anderson - monthly update - vote passed

    G. Consider Lobo Lane Conversion Study Presenter: Rick Martin - vote passed  

    H. Consider High School Athletic Field Concourse & Concessions Presenter: Rick Martin - vote passed


    Consent Agenda -- approved A-F vote passed

    Moving Item A out to discuss - A. Consider Little Elm ISD Expenditures over $50,000 Summary Report Presenter: Grant Anderson - vote passed


    12. Board President Comments Presenter: David Montemayor

    Thank you for nominating me for president.

    13. Board Comments

    English - Thank you to former board officers for serving, thank you to staff - request to bring students in for scholarship awards

    Flores - no comment

    Olson - thank you Ms. Myers for serving the last two years. Hope staff gets some time off and enjoy summer

    Myers - nothing

    Harding - Thank Melissa for being president she's been great. 

    Blackwood - nothing

    14. Superintendent Comments - thanks to Myers for your service for the last few years. Thanks to teachers for the year. They get the work done in the classroom -- thanks to staff for supporting them.


    adjourn at 9:59


    Watch Meeting (video is in two parts due to system reboot)

    Part 1.

    Part 2. 


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