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  • 4.19.21

    Posted by Cecelia Jones on 4/19/2021 10:00:00 PM

    called to order 7:07

    Superintendent Spotlight - 

    SOM for April and May - Aja Washington and Kaylie Bolles

    Recognizing the choirs for taking compeitition to state

    DECA state qualifer and president of the District DECA chapter, Noelle Henry.


    8. Reports of the Superintendent

    A. Curriculum and Learning Update Presenter: Dr. Cyndy A. Mika

    Presentation can be accessed on Boardbook

    B. Siemens ESPC I and II Updates Presenter: Rick Martin

    reports of electricty pulled from CoServ. Formal presentation will be made a later date. 

    The objective is to achieve optimal energy and operational savings

    improvement included HVAC, Lighting retrofit, biulding envelope, irrigation, plasma air ionizers to improve air quality.

    Siemens guaranteed $299,757 savings the first year.

    LEHS, Brent, Chavez, Hackberry Lakeview, Oak Point, Prestwick


    C. Construction Update Presenter: Rick Martin

    Bond program status - 

    we have over a milion dollars left. 

    Indoor facility - chemical injection process had begin as of late March. 

    Strike field is nearly complete. Consession is being worked on.  Practice field is being worked on. Courtyard has been completed.

    95% compelte with phase 2 of Siemens, HVAC.

    In design for LMS conversion.

    More to come - safety and secuirty, fencing, lighting

    exterior campus omporovemnts such as playgrounds, roofing

    HS CTE reno and expnsions

    improvements at Chavez, Staidum, and District water conservation 

    Future bond planning

    9. Approval of Minutes

    A. Consider approval of Regular Board Meeting Minutes - March 22, 2021 Presenter: Sonia S. Flores - vote passed

     B. Consider approval of Special Meeting Minutes - April 7, 2021 Presenter: Sonia S. Flores - vote passed

    10. Action Items

    A. Consider approval of Priority 1 FTE Requests Presenter: Asheley Brown

    6 teachers at LEHS

    Compliance Issue

    Elementary counselor and AP at OPE

    3 special teachers at OPE to reduce class size

    State spending requirements - 

    reading specialist, instructional coach, bilingual ESL

    7 instructional coaches

    SPED -

    5 FTE - speech path, assistant SLP, inclusion teacher, intern

    vote passed

    B. Consider approval of Financial Reports - February 2021 Presenter: Jesse Wyse

    vote passed

    C. Consider approval of Little Elm ISD Interlocal Summary Report Presenter: Jesse Wyse

    Dual Credit partnership with NCTC - renewal of current agreement - vote passed

    D. Consider approval of Little Elm ISD Expenditures over $50,000 Summary Report Presenter: Jesse Wyse

    E. Consider approval of Procurement Method Approval Presenter: Rick Martin

    vote passed

    F. Consider approval of Change Order Number 1 for Indoor Facility Presenter: Rick Martin

    this is four movable curtains that would divide the facility for mulitple users.

    vote passed


    Consent A-S

    pulled M (tabled) and Q and C

    Discussion on Q - Capitol outlay projects - 

    $1.1 m - has to do with Prestwick work with the uncertaintly of how much that will cost. Band trailer - contingent on donation from booster.

    Portable at Oak Point for the beginning of school for 2021-2022.

    Outdoor seating at LEHS for incraesed occupancy at lunchtime

    vote passed

    C. - Ethnic Studies - building course guide for the 2022-2023 school year.An elective that's offered.

    this itemed was tabled


    Consent - vote passed

    President comments - Board training hours

    Jason Olson - wrestling team doing great job at competition their first year.

    Blackwood - thank you to admin for supporting students and school board. Revisit the idea of having a student on the school board.

    English - thank you

    Myers - none

    Thompson - grateful to see students at the board meeting. Excited to see the extra help for our students.

    Superintendent Gallagher - 633 Run is open

    adjourn the meeting at 8:49

    WATCH the meeting


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