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  • 04.17.23

    Posted by Cecelia Jones on 4/17/2023

    6. Superintendent Spotlight

    A. Students of the Month Presenter: Ross Roberts

    B. Fine Arts Recognitions Presenter: Frank Felice

    C. Athletics Recognitions Presenter: Mike Young

    Celebrating our Lobo Varsity Girls Basketball team for breaking all kinds of school records! They ended their season being Regional Runner-Ups.

    7. Reports of the Superintendent

    A. Districtwide Intruder Audit Findings Presenter: Ross Roberts - Reviewed briefly the three phase Texas School Safety Audit with the board. Had one corrective action on Phase 2 - exterior door

    B. Construction Update Presenter: Rick Martin

    Talked about Bond Programs

    9. Citizen Comment

    Shelly Kimmer - manager at the HS cafeteria. 6 lines at cafeteria, concerned kids are standing in line too long. Pay for Child Nutrition

    Julia Wilson - Senior at LEHS - would like to see a Fine Arts Signing Day

    Mr. King - concerns about a student who was attacked.

    Dan Blackwood - Legislative Issue the board needs to pay attention to, such as, vouchers; signage, funds that can't be used for memberships that advocate for Districts in Austin; SB566 temp. teaching certs, , student discipline

    Terry Gooch -quality education in math, science, English, history - library books that are inappropriate shouldn't be available to kids.

    9. Approval of Minutes

    A. Consider Regular Board Meeting Minutes - March 27, 2023 Presenter: Sonia S. Flores - vote passed

    B. Consider approval of Special Meeting Minutes - March 30, 2023 Presenter: Sonia S. Flores - vote passed

    10. Action Items

    A. Consider approval of 2023-2024 FTE Request for District Needs Presenter: Asheley Brown - 16 new FTEs would be teachers, 1 would be a position in Admin. Changing scheduling at LEHS. Cost $1,030,000.

    vote passed

    B. Consider approval of Locker Room Conversions at LEHS Presenter: Rick Martin

    Creates new wrestling venue, CTE expansion, varsity squad sections

    vote passed

    C. Consider approval of Parking Lot Light Pole Replacement Presenter: Rick Martin

    Hackberry where light stands has fallen over because of the base.

    vote passed

    D. Consider approval of CMAR and JOC Recommendations for the 2022 Bond Program Presenter: Rick Martin

    Vote passed

    E. Consider approval of Weapons Detection Systems Presenter: Rick Martin

    detect weapons - this would be at every campus, multiple stations at every campus.

    $760,000 - bond 2022

    vote passed

    F. Consider approval of Security Film Presenter: Rick Martin

    Outfit other areas of the school to protect the glass areas throughout campuses. $715,000 bond 2022

    11. Consent

    A-G - vote passed

    12. Board Report

    A. Board Training Hours Presenter: Jason Olson

    Thomspn has completed all hours

    Watkins - completed all hours

    Beber - competed



    English is missing

    Flores is missing two training

    13. Board President Comments Presenter: Jason Olson Thanks to staff for the presentation

    14, Board comments

    Flores - welcome Mr. Lamb, thank you to Ms. Adams for stepping in

    Watkins - welcome to Lamb, Career Fair for this week, congratulate choir students, and ladies basketball team, campuses have volunteer opportunities

    Thompson - ACknowledge hard work mathletes who earned 1, 2, and 3 at Town Council

    Montemayor - Welcome Mr. Lamb. Varsity Golfer is advancing to the regions. Congratulations to the Band and Color Guard

    Beber - Welcome Mr. Lamb. Wish everyone good luck at STAAR test

    15. Superintendent Comment - Wow, what an amazing night. Committement to Safety and Security. Honor to work here.

    Adjourned at 8:40 pm


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