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    Posted by Cecelia Jones on 2/22/2021 10:00:00 PM

    7. Reports of the Superintendent A. Curriculum and Learning Update Presenter: Dr. Cyndy A. Mika

    talked about premethean boards at various classrooms across the district. 

    Blended learning grant program: Math innovation Zone

    implentation in K, 3, 6 grade math classrooms for Spring 2021 will be a pilot year. Implentation in 2021-2022 in those pilot grades.

    8. Approval of Minutes

    A. Consider approval of Regular Board Meeting Minutes - 1/19/2021 Presenter: Sonia S. Flores

    B. Consider approval of Workshop Meeting Minutes - 2/03/2021 Presenter: Sonia S. Flores

    C. Consider approval of Special Meeting Minutes - 2/04/2021

    vote passed for A-C

    9. Action Items

    A. Consider approval of Resolution to Pay Employees Presenter: Asheley Brown

    Resolution to pay district employees during period of emergency closure due to winter weather event and allow Superintendent to pay vendors, as necessary.

    Vote passed - Flores recused from vote.

    B. Consider approval of 2021 - 2022 Administrator Contracts Presenter: Asheley Brown

    The superintendent annually makes contract recommendations for administrator positions to the Board of Trustees.

    vote passed

    C. Consider approval of BDB (LOCAL) Board Policy Update Presenter: Asheley Brown

    Special committees may be created by the Board to fulfill specific assignments. Members of special committees shall be appointed by majority vote of the Board. These committees shall exclusively include District personnel and sitting Board members. Special committees shall report their findings to the Board and shall be dissolved upon completion of the assigned task or vote of the Board.

    vote passed

    D. Consider approval of Waiver Request: Hybrid Instruction During District-Scheduled Testing Days for K-8th Grade Students Presenter: Dr. Cyndy A. Mika

    TEA has implemented a new waiver for school districts this year for days in which a district is administering state assessments. The waiver states: For students in Kindergarten through 8th grade, districts may require students who are not scheduled to take an assessment to learn remotely on district scheduled testing days in order to reduce the number of individuals on a campus at any one time and increase the number of remote students that come on campus to take the assessment. The District administration would like the flexibility of this waiver for STAAR testing days, if needed, as follows:

     May 11th – STAAR Math Grades 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8

     May 12th – STAAR Reading Grades 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 

    During these days, if utilized, students in grades K, 1, and 2 would learn remotely from home.

    vote passed 

    E. Consider approval of Waiver Request: Request for 40% Campus Hybrid Instruction for 9th-12th Grade Students Presenter: Dr. Cyndy A. Mika

    TEA has implemented a waiver for school districts this year for high school students to learn in a hybrid schedule. The District administration would like the flexibility of this waiver for STAAR testing days, if needed, as follows:

     April 6: STAAR EOC English I

     April 8: STAAR EOC English II

     May 4 – 6: STAAR EOC Algebra I, US History, Biology  This waiver would give the high school flexibility as needed to ensure STAAR EOC testing is administered successfully during the COVID-19 Pandemic

    As presented, to include the SAT day at LEHS.

    vote passed

    F. Consider approval of Financial Reports - December 2020 Presenter: Jesse Wyse

    1) Budget Amendments - 

    2) Information – Miscellaneous

    Business Office Reports

    Monthly Fund Balance

    Comparison Statement of Unaudited Revenue and Expenditures

    Cash Flow Statements

    Bank Reconciliations Investment Report

    Fund Summary of Revenue and Expenditures Tax Collection Report

    Construction Report

    vote passed

    G. Consider approval of Little Elm ISD Interlocal Summary Report Presenter: Jesse Wyse

    The University of Texas at Austin - OnRamps -- a renewal

    Implement instructional materials developed by Texas OnRamps for dual enrollment course and High School teacher training and professional learning. OnRamps offers the opportunity for High School students to earn college credits from The University of Texas at Austin through a distance education course.

    vote passed

    H. Consider approval of Contract Services for Cleaning Services Presenter: Rod Reeves

    The Administration is seeking the authorization to use contracted services for cleaning services

    vote passed

    I. Consider approval of Sixth Amendment to Real Estate Sales Contract & Trail Maintenance Easement Agreement for Strike Middle School Presenter: Rick Martin

    Matthews Southwest provided landscaping, LEISD has provided sidewalks. This allows for the on-going maintenance by Tribute Neighborhood Association.

    vote passed

    J. Consider approval of Professional Services Proposal from Hidell and Associates Architects Presenter: Rick Martin

    Create a proposal to design and document the plumbing issues under Prestwick's kitchen - that's the higest priority. And then work through different sections around the building.

    vote passed

    K. Consider approval of Professional Services Proposal from HKS, Inc. Presenter: Rick Martin

    Conversion of LMS for new adminstration - but would like them to convert Zellars to and Early Childhood Center.

    vote passed

    L. Consider approval of LEHS Wall Panel and Flashing Replacement Presenter: Rick Martin

    This would be a capitol improvement -- bond money would be used to pay for improvement

    vote passed

    Consent Agenda A-G - vote passed

    11. Board president comments - David Montemayor

    Thank Rod and Danny -- keep up with buildings during winter storm - how hard they worked, adjusted and their efforts are commendable.

    12. Board comments - Blackwood - thank you to IT for making sure systems were up and running.

    To the board - April is our traning hours and they are due.

    English - Candidates funding, campaigning

    State emergency funding as it pertains to District costs in response to COVID

    Warming centers for the community when we have outages.

    Thompson - importance on the basic needs and not worry about education.

    Flores - chose not to vote on payments to employees because I have a spouse who is an employee of the district.

    13. Superintendent comments - Thank you to Danny Cogdell and his crew for their hard work at the District during school closures because of winter weather. Same with IT, Clay Walker and his team for their work.

    adjourn at 8:33 pm

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