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  • 09.19.22

    Posted by Cecelia Jones on 9/19/2022

    6. Superintendent Spotlight

    A. Student Recognition Presenter: Ross Roberts

    Elementary Superintendent Star Awards

    Brent - Harris Neeman - 5th

    Chavez - Britton Craduer 3rd

    HAckberry - Adelyn Martin 5th

    Lakeview - Aubrey Rose - 

    OPE - Isle Putnam - 

    Prestwick - Hudson Styles

    SOM for Middle

    Strike - Lila Newman

    Walker - Destiny Crossland

    LEHS - Jewell Garcia

    Landon Roper 

    B. Community Member Donation Presenter: Daniel Gallagher

    Little Elm Food Bank - DeWayne Brawner, Executive Director

    Jennifer Montgomery & Susan Rodocker - Donated 30 framed "In God We Trust" pictures.

    7. Reports of the Superintendent:

    A. Human Resource Services Annual Report Presenter: Asheley Brown

    HR2U continues this school year.

    Honoree Awards Banquet


    B. Class Size Report Presenter: Asheley Brown

    C. Curriculum and Learning Update: Presenter: Amanda Ball

    What teachers learned during the summer

    New Teacher training

    Advanced Academics and goals

    D. Update on ESSER Funds Presenter: Shay Adams

    8. Citizen Input Audience participation shall be permitted at regular Board meetings and shall be limited to the public comment portion designated for that purpose

    This citizen - Addresses the Trust of School Boards in Texas - works together toward excellence in education in opportunity and not outcome. We talked about political pressures, we don't need ideological on socialism. He says he gives this board the benefit of the doubt and they support this board. Transparent communication should be a priority, never hide anything from parents.

    Ty Phillips - Library books, the cost he paid for an ORR and that's a question of transparency. Made suggestions on being transparent about which books are being reviewed.

    9. Approval of Minutes

    A. Consider approval of Special Board Meeting Minutes - August 10, 2022 Presenter: Sonia S. Flores - vote passed

    B. Consider Regular Board Meeting Minutes - August 15, 2022 Presenter: Sonia S. Flores vote passed

    C. Consider approval of Special Board Meeting Minutes - August 29, 2022 Presenter: Sonia S. Flores - vote passed

    10. Action Items

    A. Consider approval of Personnel Actions Related to DFE (LEGAL) Presenter: Asheley Brown -- vote passed

    B. 2022-2023 District Improvement Plan Presenter: Dr. Penny Tramel

    The District will present the District Improvement Plan aligned to the Destination 2025 Strategic Plan. See the plan pg. 55

    vote passed

    C. Consider approval of the Update on Policy CV (LOCAL) Presenter: Shay Adams - vote passed

    D. Consider approval of the Update Policy CE (LOCAL) Presenter: Shay Adams Vote passed

    E. Consider approval of Welding Lab Exhaust Systems at LEHS Presenter: Rick Martin - vote passed

    11. Consent Items:

    A-F - vote passed

    Board President:

    Come out to Classic on the Lake

    Thanks to the board members who have volunteered to be ont he different committees

    Formalizing comments with an email to Mr. Gallagher if they need the board to make a presentation at an upcoming board meeting

    Board Comments

    Alex - Thank you

    Mary - Looking forward to TASB and completing training hours. 

    DeLeon - Thank you staff for providing information.

    Monique -Sad she won't be at TASB conference. Wanted to acknowledge the students who was recognized tonight. 

    David - Thanks to those who chose to stay

    Ken - Great meeting

    Superintendent's Comments - Directed toward public comment and transparency. A penal committee was formed after policies were adopted. Asked community to reach out if they have any questions they may have.

    Dismissed meeting 9:12pm.


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