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  • 05.26.20 Special Board Meeting

    Posted by Cecelia Jones on 5/26/2020 8:00:00 PM

    Special Board Meeting


    Consider Bilingual and ESL Summer School - use an at-home learning platform to complete 120 hours for summer school program. vote passed


    Consider Texas at home learning packets - we will be using packets which is availabe from the state for all grades. We want to offer to all grades 2,200 students coded at-risk students so parents can utilize them this summer. Cost estimate $80,000 to ship all packets to each coded student. vote passed

    Board president comments: Thank you for staying on top of all these issues.

    Board comments: nothing else.

    Superintendent comments: Thank you for being flexible. We do have to pull together at the last minute to discuss.

    Adjourn meeting at 6:26 pm

    Watch the Special Meeting

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