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  • 09.16.19

    Posted by Cecelia Jones on 9/16/2019 10:00:00 PM


    5. Superintendent spotlights

    A. Introduction of the Executive Director for Human Resources - Dr. Chad Teague. Comes to us from McKinney ISD

    B. LEHS -  Showcasing the school's new drone program

    C. LEHS Students of the month - National Spanish


    Andrew Mendoza

    Avery Roman

    Kevin Santana

    Frank Sosa

    Caleb Valdez

    D. CoServ Check Presentation - $48,000+ capital credit 

    7. Reports of the Superintendent - 

    B. Future plan for LEISD's 1:1 student computer program

    2019-2020 BYOD upon request, 4-5 remain 1:1 with Chromebooks in best condition

    2020-2021 BYOD open and allowed

    grades 4-5 31 total carts of Chromebooks district-wide

    Grades 6-8 30 carts of Chromebooks to be split between campuses

    15 carts at WMS and 15 at Strike MS

    Grades 9-12 switch to Chromebooks or BYOD

    8. Citizen input - Timothy Curtiss: supplemental resources in the classroom.

    Closed the meeting at 7:14

    Opened meeting at 8:55

    7. Reports of the superintendent

    A. Class size report - Ross Roberts - just a presentation

    C. Update on HB3 Pre-K - present all options to the board. Have a roll-out plan. Full day, the district wants to be sure we can sustain it.

    19-20 Year 1 - file a waiver to solicit partnerships to determine whether to partner with another entity or prove in house PR

    22-23 will have to have full-day pre k for all 3 and 4-year-olds.

    D. 2nd Quarterly Growth report - Rod Reeves

    Seeing a slow down in the annual home starts.  Future developments that will attract new residents. Average home sale price $306,000 in LE. Oak Point is the area of fast growth. Valencia is going to have a 3-5 year build-out. 

    9. Approval of minutes - from board meeting on 8-19-19

    10. Action items

    A. Consider the Compensation Approval as presented in closed - vote passed

    B. Consideration and possible action on any matters addressed in executive session - vote passed.

    C. Consider Two FTEs in Special ED - One Licensed Specialist School Psychology and one Speech-Language Pathologist - vote passed


    d. Consider one FTE paraprofessional - vote passed

    E. Consider twelve part-time lunchroom monitors - from elementary principals and maximized time with teachers collaboration - 3 hours a day - vote passed

    F. Consider 2019-2020 District Improvement plan - Blackwood moti

    oned to table this item until they can spend more time during workshop.

    G.Consider Financial Reports - Grant Anderson - financial report financials include general fund, capital projects funds, bond funds (athletics and HVAC) debt funds.

    risk or financial sustainability of HB3 which will still be an item of discussion at the state and local level. Vote passed

    H. Consider Emergency HVAC equipment replacement fund out of the bond funds -- there is equipment that won't make it and they need to be replaced sooner than later. vote passed

    I. Consider Athletic Complex Turf Replacement/Renovations - at the Athletic complex - this will replace the turf and drainage issues. Replacement in May - vote passed

    J. Consider 2019-2020 Capital Outlay Projects - Chavez rooftop units, LMS roof top units, Lobo stadium graphics package 2, Prestwick Forensic Study, landscaping at LEHS. vote passed

    K. Consider the Request for Nominations for DCAD Board of Directors - vote passed

    Consent Items -- vote passed

    Board President want so update on SROs

    Board members -- thanks for staying late, 


    10:01 pm



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