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  • 05.16.22

    Posted by Cecelia Jones on 5/16/2022

    Open meeting at 7:10

    Superintendent Spotlight -

    Star Award

    Savannah Price - Brent

    Jeremiah (Jay) Arkorful - Chavez

    Riley Deason - HBE

    Emery Cebulka - LVE

    Reese Obasogie - OPE

    Eli Chanyowedza - Prestwick


    Strike Student of the Month

    Lily Webb




    Senior Garrett Smith is Student of the Month

    Junior Cadence Hernandez is SOM

    Senior Isaiah Hernandez - May SOM

    Senior Trinity Bridges -- May SOM


    D. Fine Arts Recognition Presenter: Frank Felice

    E. Campus STEM Certification Celebration Presenter: Doug Sevier

    F. Athletics Special Recognition - Coach Ken Tutt Presenter: Mike Young

    G. Athletics Special Recognitions Presenter: Mike Young

    H. Special Recognition Presenter: Daniel Gallagher

    I. Introduction of new Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum and Learning Presenter: Asheley Brown

    J. Introduction of new Lakeview Elementary Principal Presenter: Asheley Brown

    K. SEAC Members Recognition Presenter: Ross Roberts

    7. Reports of the Superintendent

    A. Intent to apply for Federal Funding 2022-2023 Presenter: Dr. Ashley Glover

    Information regarding Little Elm ISD’s intent to apply for federal funding for the 2022-2023 school year.

    B. Curriculum and Learning Update Presenter: Dr. Ashley Glover

    Review the Individual Graduation Committee - more than 100 students have benefited from this. Derived from the state legislation. 

    Review the presentation on IGC on page 9

    Professional Development:

    Curriculum revision and refinement

    Summer Learning Summit - new location and hybrid - 92 sessions and 25 of them are virtual.

    Admin Launch - time for administration to vision for the year.

    Fall Kick-Off - mix of campus based and district led professional learning.

    Lobo Welcome week - week long orientation

    C. Bond Update Presenter: Daniel Gallagher

    Bond failed -- what we know -- escalated costs. Every 6 months, it adds 4% of an increased cost in labor and materials. What was 398.5 million is now 413,867,000

    What we know because the bond failed -- transportation costs, portable costs -- additional costs to the operating fund.

    What if -- if the bond fails or the board doesn't call for another bond election - rezoning, bussing elementary students to other campuses, increasing number teacher floating

    Board needs to decide what they want to do?

    8. Citizen Input - 

    Ty Phillips - talk about accountability - Board member training

    Jason Salsbury - book ban - in favor of parents making decisions for their families. Not the government.

    9. Approval of Minutes

    A. Consider Regular Board Meeting Minutes - April 25, 2022 Presenter: Sonia S. Flores - vote passed

    10. Action Items

    A. Consider approval of Financial Reports - March 2022 Presenter: Jesse Wyse - vote passed

    11. Consent Agenda

    A. - E.

    Pulled A -- Consider approval of EF local - regarding instructional materials. When a book is challenged, informally, we have an internal process. While it's being reviewed, the book can be pulled.

    12. Board President Comments Presenter: David Montemayor

    Great meeting with all the recognition.

    13. Board Comments

    Alex Flores - thank you to the teachers. Mentioned four-day work week. Congrats to Mary on her win.

    Melissa Myers - 

    Dan Blackwood - Thanks to staff for staying late. Congrats to Mary. Thank you to Earl for running.

    Monique Thompson - summer time for parents - encourage students to keep math fresh.

    Appreciated Officer Hollified for his work.

    Congratulate Mary for winning. Acknowledge Earl for his campaign.

    14. Superintendent's Comments - great night celebrating students. On Library books, look forward to the conversation and will follow the direction of the board.

    Adjourned at 9:41

    Watch the board meeting

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