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  • LEHS Chamber Singers

    The LEHS Chamber Singers, formally known as Chorale, is our premier ensemble at LEHS.

    Chorale is our mixed ensemble. This talented group of 24 competes regularly and performs a varied repertoire of music.

    They perform at an advanced sight reading and musicianship level.

    Recently, they have received a sweepstakes award at the U.I.L. 5A Concert & Sight Reading Contest and have performed center court for the Dallas Mavericks.


    Take a listen to a recent performance here:

    Johnny, I Hardly Knew Ye

    I Loved You

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  • Bella Voce Treble Choir

    Bella Voce is our advanced soprano and alto ensemble. 

    This group of 30 young singers work daily to continue growing as musicians.

    This ensemble is competitive and travels often.

    This group sight reads and performs at the varsity level.

  • Varsity Tenor-Bass Chorus

    The Tenor-Bass chorus is made up of all kinds of voices and people. This ensemble builds on basic musical skills and talent. 

    This extremely talented, hard working group of young musicians made their UIL debut in 2019. They have since performed for the Allen Americans and will continuing performing at different local events. 

  • Varsity Treble Choir

  • Beginning Treble Choir

    Beginning Tenor-Bass Choir

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