"we should forever be proud of being Lobos!"

  • I am proud to be an Aggie and I also carry another pride – Lobo Pride.  Pride in looking back at the opportunities that LEHS gave me to prepare to take on many challenges.  Pride while looking back at the great memories.  Pride in never forgetting all the support LEHS provided in my venture to become the first in my family to attend college.  Pride in knowing that being part of our wolf pack giving me the courage and foundation to go anywhere my heart desired.  I am graduating with a degree in Mechanical Engineering with multiple certificates and accolades.  I am proud to have traveled the country for internships, conferences, and adventures.  I am proud to have served as President of the largest Hispanic organization at Texas A&M and am a proud business owner as the co-founder of my own engineering consulting and development company.  Life may take us to many different places and through many challenges and successes.  But we should forever be proud of being Lobos!


    Tadeo “Teddy” Huerta / Class of 2011

    Texas A&M University / Class of 2015

       Bachelor of Science – Mechanical Engineering

    First Generation College Student

    Abraid, LLC – Co-Founder and Mechanical Design Lead 

"LEHS has taught me to dream big and follow my aspirations"

  • Little Elm High School has taught me to persevere against all odds and not look at things as they are but to dream big and follow my aspirations.  Attending LEHS has empowered me with the knowledge, equipped me with the skills, and engaged me with the people necessary to ensure success as well as allowing me to be an active visionary at the school.  Participating in various clubs and organizations facilitated the opportunity for me to become well rounded and well acquainted with the community.  Serving as Student Council President taught me the true definition of leadership in both the school and community and the importance of working together.  As I close this chapter of my life at LEHS, I will begin a new one at Northwestern State University in Natchitoches, Louisiana as a proud recipient of the Presidential Leadership Scholarship Award.  I will be forever grateful for the opportunities and experiences that I have had and the awesome education received.  Although Little Elm High School may give the impression of a small high school, with it’s school leadership, cultural diversity, school spirit, educational opportunities, unity, and pride in the community, LEHS stands as a beacon.


    Brian Lenox / Class of 2015

    Student Council President / 2014-2015

    Attending Northwestern State University

       Major – Business Administration

    Recipient of the Presidential Leadership Scholarship 

"Pre-AP, AP and Dual Credit provided me the opportunity to earn college level education"

  • I have been fortunate to call Little Elm home for my entire life.  I began at Chavez Elementary, then attended what was once known as Powell Intermediate, continued my education next door at Lakeside Junior High School and will graduate from LEHS this year.  The Pre-AP, AP and Dual Credit provided me the opportunity to earn college level education while still in high school.  The various extracurricular activities offered at LEHS gave me the chance to discover what I am most passionate about and explore possible career paths.  Over the years, I have been fortunate enough to learn from some of the best teachers and coaches that you ever find in the public school system.  My English teachers introduced me to and instilled in me a passion for writing, which ultimately led me to pursue a career in sports journalism.  LEHS provides many things needed to be successful, but hard work, dedication and perseverance are also key ingredients in the recipe to success.


    Mariessa Mesa / Class of 2015

    Attending University of Texas at Austin

      Major – Journalism

    Rank #5 of 292

    National Honor Society / Vice-President / 2014-2015

    Varsity Cheer / Co-Captain / 2014-2015

    HOSA / Treasurer / 2013-2015

"Excelling at Little Elm High School contributed to becoming a National Merit Scholar"

  • The secret to success for anyone is in being bold and focused enough to create your own opportunities.  Excelling at Little Elm High School contributed to becoming a National Merit Scholar and propelled me to further success at the University of Texas at Austin where I graduated with honors with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Latin American Studies and Economics.  I participated in funded research on Paraguay’s agricultural history and travelled to Thailand with Students of the World to research and film innovative solutions of human trafficking.  I then worked with an energy efficiency-consulting firm in Austin.  I am currently a fully funded PhD student in the top-ranked Department of Economics at the University of California – Santa Barbara and will graduate with my doctoral degree next year. I plan to continue researching how economic growth impacts urban development and the environment.


    Chris Severen / Class of 2004

    University of Texas – Austin / Class of 2008

      BA w/Honors – Latin American Studies & Economics

    Attending/Teaching - University of California – Santa

     Barbara – Fully Funded Graduate Student

"I absolutely love what I do and I owe a great deal to the amazing staff that guided me at LEHS"

  • Without the assistance of the staff and teachers at Little Elm High School I would never have attained the exceptional grades I achieved.  Upon arrival I quickly found my niche, varsity athletics and the art department.  The coaches and art teachers took me under their wing and helped push me to succeed with good grades, going above and beyond for projects, and simply how to enjoy being in school.  I always knew I wanted to have a career in art, but it wasn’t until I met Coach Parr and Ms. Neff that the dream started to become a reality.  They began molding me into the artist I wanted to become, while still playing varsity basketball year round.  The Art Department assisted in creating a portfolio to apply for college that I was extremely nervous about.  If they didn’t like my artwork my dream would crumble.  With my high school portfolio I received a $15,000 scholarship to attend the Art Institute of Dallas.  Less than three years later and before the age of 21, I received my Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Arts with an emphasis in Graphic Design in large part due to the accelerated program at the university and the dual credit classes at LEHS.  I interned during my final quarter in college and was offered a job with the same company the week prior to graduation.  A year later I now work for Gabbart Communications as a Graphic Designer and we design school websites for over three hundred school districts.  I absolutely love what I do and I owe a great deal to the amazing staff that guided me at LEHS.


    Taylor Hough (Finley) / Class of 2010

    Art Institute of Dallas / Class of 2013

    BA Fine Arts with concentration on Graphic Design

    Gabbart Communications – Graphic Designer

"you can truly do something great and go out and change the world"

  • I am the Salutatorian of the Senior Class of 2015 at LEHS.  Next year I will be attending the University of Texas at Austin and have been accepted to the Nursing Program – one of the most prestigious in the nation.  Without the help from all the amazing staff at LEHS, I would not have the opportunities that I have now and I would not be able to be a part of something so amazing at UT.  Moral of the story, if one applies themselves at LEHS and doesn’t give up after only one try, you can truly do something great and go out and change the world.


    Melanie Rodas / Class of 2015

    Class Salutatorian

    Rank #2 of #292

    Attending University of Texas at Austin

      Major - Nursing

"any student who has the desire to learn and succeed is going to achieve that at LEHS"

  • My success can be attributed to the opportunities that were presented to me during my time at LEHS.  I was accepted to Texas Tech, UT-Austin, Baylor, SMU and Nebraska.  Each school offered very generous scholarships.  I accepted the Terry Foundation Scholarship and early admission to the Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center - School of Medicine.  Needless to say, I will be a Red Raider.  I owe this to my teachers who cared and who pushed me to do my very best.  Education is what you make of it.  I think any student who has the desire to learn and succeed is going to achieve that at LEHS.



    Marcus D. Gonzalez / Class of 2015

    Senior Class President / 2014-2015

    HOSA President / 2014-2015

    Rank #13 of #292

    Attending Texas Tech Health Sciences Center

      Major - Medicine

    Recipient of Terry Foundation Scholarship

"it was here that I was introduced to my one true passion"

  • Having lived in Little Elm my entire life, it was here that I was introduced to my one true passion – Theatre. This has led me to want to be an actress the rest of my life.  Theatre has brought me so much, and taught me so many valuable lessons about responsibility and the importance of self-expression, individuality, and self worth.  Along with these life lessons, I have also been able to learn about my craft, both acting and technical theatre.  Starting in the fifth grade and through my senior year I was able to participate in winter and color guard, UIL One Act Plays, Shattered Dreams and performing on the Dallas Summer Musical Stage at Fair Park.  Awards have included UIL All Star Cast and Honorable Mention All Star Cast, Most Improved Actress, Best Actress and Best Featured Actress.  I received over fifty college call backs during the initial college and second round auditions this school year and the doors opened to accept a $13,000 a year scholarship to attend the University of the Incarnate Word in San Antonio this fall and graduate in 2019 with a BA in Theatre Arts.  This is all due to joining Drama Club in fifth grade, sticking with my passion, and a collectively excellent high school experience.


    Megan McHugh / Class of 2015

    Attending University of Incarnate Word

      Major – Theatre Arts

"My desire is to be a ‘Lobo for Life’ primarily due to the influence of my teachers and coaches"

  • You can spell it on a calculator.  50807.  That is what they told me when I moved here.  What is a Lobo?  That’s a question I would field more times than I can remember.  It’s a word that would come to define me.  Growing up as a Lobo has afforded me many things.  All six of my groomsmen and my best man are Lobos.  In addition, my beautiful wife Jessica Jones is also from Little Elm.  My hero growing up was Coach Mark Parr, my teacher and coach while in high school.  He is still impacting lives today.  When deciding what to do with my own life it didn’t take long to figure out what had made such a positive impact on me.  This town has given me so much.  It’s given me a family and direction to my life.  Thanks to Little Elm High School for all you have done for me.  My desire is to be a ‘Lobo for Life’ primarily due to the influence of my teachers and coaches at LEHS.


    Daniel English / Class of 1995

    University of North Texas /Class of 2009

      BA & Masters / Major – History / Minor - Art

    LEISD – Little Elm High School

     Art Teacher – Athletics Coach 

"The teachers and staff all work for common goal of ultimate success for all its students"

  • Much of my success at LEHS can be attributed to my membership in HOSA.  HOSA stands for Health Occupational Students of America but it means that students have the opportunity to begin exploring health careers and determine whether they would like to continue down that path.  For me, HOSA was a stepping-stone to learn more about my dream profession.  Through studying for competitions I learned invaluable information about Pharmacy just like other students learned about other professions such as Nursing, Paramedics, Dentistry and other fields.  We also had the opportunity to come out of our comfort zones and open our eyes to travels such as the State Competition in San Antonio.  The environment of HOSA correlates with its main goal: Caring for others.  Just like many of us want to save lives, help people heal, and take care of the public medically, we have started off by caring for the members of our group.  Everyone feels close-knit with our instructor Ms. Meyer and to HOSA’s other members.  Together we make memories but most importantly we better ourselves through many volunteer opportunities and being leaders in our school and community.  There is endless potential for students to participate in endless activities at LEHS.  The teachers and staff all work for common goal of ultimate success for all its students.


    April Natareno / Class of 2015

    Senior Class Vice-President / 2014-2015

    HOSA Secretary / 2014-2015

    Rank #9 of #292

    Attending University of North Texas

      Major – Pre-Pharmacy

"I was accepted into every university that I applied for"

  • After graduation from Little Elm High School I was accepted into every university that I applied for and chose Saint Louis University, a highly respected Jesuit liberal arts university in the heart of Saint Louis, Missouri.  I just accepted an acting teaching position at COCA Arts Facility in St. Louis and am acting professionally.  It all began at LEHS where we were afforded the luxury of a full fly, large proscenium stage, complete with dressing rooms, updated light/sound booth, and plenty of opportunity to try out my skills surrounding all aspects of the theatrical genre.  In the auditorium I got my first high school lead role, I designed sets, I ran lights and sound, I wrote vignettes, I played movies on the cyclorama for the school, and managed large scale events.  In the Black Box I directed my first short play and learned the fundamentals of theatre that propelled me into the theatre program at Saint Louis University and into my career.


    Taylor Steward / Class of 2010

    Saint Louis University / Class of 2015

      Bachelor of Arts - Acting

    COCA Arts Facility – Acting Teacher  

"The dedication of the Choir Department made a positive impact on my life"

  • During my years at LEHS, I have been blessed with many opportunities.  The dedication of the staff, in addition to the Pre-AP and AP Programs, has helped me attain a top ten ranking.  The dedication of the Choir Department made a positive impact on my life and led to achievements such as membership in the Region 24 Choir (2012-2015), attaining superior soloist rating (2012-2015), and achieving membership in the 2015 Texas All-State Choir (first female and third member from LEHS).  Participation in clubs such as National Honor Society, Student Council, Student Advisory Committee and the Little Elm Strategic Focus Group have provided an opportunity to be a voice for the student body.  I will be attending the University of North Texas this fall majoring in Political Science – none of which would be possible without the support and education I have received from LEHS.


    Samantha Elliott / Class of 2015

    Texas All-State Choir / 2015

    Varsity Mixed Choir President / 2014-2015

    Student Advisory Committee / 2013-2015

    Rank #3 of #292

    Attending University of North Texas

      Major - Political Science

"My achievements are largely due to my time at LEHS"

  • My achievements are largely due to my time at LEHS.  After acceptance to SMU, TCU and UNT I accepted the Christian Leadership Scholarship and Academic Honors Scholarship to play golf and attend Dallas Baptist University.  I would not be in this position if not for the teachers and administration of LEHS.  Any student willing to work hard and dedicate themselves to achieve their goals will have positive, life-changing experiences attending LEHS.


    Clay Curtis / Class of 2015

    THSCA Golf Academic All-State Second Team

    Student Advisory Committee

    Attending Dallas Baptist University

      Major – Business

"Not only did LEHS challenge me, it also gave me more opportunities than I ever imagined"

  • During my four years at LEHS I had a multitude of opportunities to exceed higher expectations than most other students.  I had the options of taking AP and Dual Credit courses and knew these type classes would not be easy and would not only challenge me to stand apart from my peers, but also assist me in being accepted to any university of my choice.  By the time of my graduation, I was entering a major university with enough credits to classify me as a junior.  Not only did LEHS challenge me, it also gave me more opportunities than I ever imagined.


    My challenges and opportunities with LEHS also included extracurricular activities such as Student Council, UIL Academics, a medical internship program, Class Officers and numerous other clubs and organizations.  Leadership positions included President of LEHS Student Council for two years, President of UIL Academics, in addition to Historian for the Senior Class. 


    The process of selecting a university was complicated due to many options enhanced by LEHS.  By the grace of God, I was accepted to all eight universities I had applied to and was awarded generous scholarships.  These schools included UT-Austin, Texas A&M, Baylor and Mississippi.  I chose Sam Houston State University not only due to the fact that it is ranked nationally; it was a place I knew I could continue to grow.  I was accepted into the Dean of Students’ Freshmen Leadership Program for 2014-2015 primarily due to the leadership opportunities and skills I gained from LEHS.  Not only was this program for the Top 1% of incoming Freshmen, but I was given the opportunity to build lifelong resources and networking options for the future.


    Without Little Elm High School, I don’t know where I would be and  I definitely don’t know how I would be getting ready to graduate from college in less than two years.  This high school has changed my life forever and I know it can change anyone else’s as long as they believe in it.


    Eripitan Osage-Sule / Class of 2014

    Student Council President / 2012 – 2014

    UIL Academics President / 2013-2014

    Attending Sam Houston State University

      Major – Pre-Med Sciences

      Minor – Business Administration

"Thanks to all of the AP classes offered I am currently set to graduate an entire year early"

  • Upon graduation from Little Elm High School I heard many things from many people – such as how college will be too hard and I was not prepared.  As this semester draws to a close, I smile as I think about how wrong those people were.  Thanks to all of the AP classes offered I am currently set to graduate in May 2016, an entire year early.  I am also currently serving as Director of Recruitment for Delta Gamma Fraternity.  My chapter just recognized me as the member with the highest cumulative average maintaining a 4.0 GPA.  On top of all that, I spend the rest of my free time working as a key holder/floor manager at a local western wear store where I am constantly challenged.  All of these achievements took hard work and dedication, which is one of the best things I received from my education at LEHS.


    Darcy Davis / Class of 2013

    Attending / University of North Texas

"I owe a great deal to LEHS for preparing me for life after high school"

  • As I finish up my last few semesters at the University of North Texas earning a degree in Social Work, I know that I owe a great deal to LEHS for preparing me for life after high school.  I was taught many great skills from the faculty and staff about not only the importance to do well academically, but also to find and maintain my talents through the countless elective courses and opportunities I was offered.  I know that I would not be where I am today if it ere not for my peers and teachers that showed me endless support and motivation through my four years being part of the Lobo Band family, and the two years spent in the A/V Productions class.  Little Elm High School taught me not only how to be a leader but also how to work as a team to reach success in my endeavors after high school.


    Samantha Landry / Class of 2012

    Attending University of North Texas

      Bachelor of Arts - Social Work

"I look back on my high school career and I am proud of my alma mater"

  • The experiences and lessons I learned while at Little Elm High School were fundamental to getting me to where I am today and I feel very blessed to have attended a school with a highly developed arts program.  I am currently a junior at Ouachita Baptist University majoring in Worship Arts.  Through the Choir Program I was able to develop both music and leadership skills that developed into skills I use today among my peers.  I was exposed to both contemporary and classical repertoire and able to perform both styles in public settings, which gave me confidence in this highly competitive field.  I was also exposed to other areas of interest, such as marketing, student government and video production, which I may consider for careers later in life.  One of the greatest things I take away from my high school experience was the many opportunities I received.  Whether it be UIL, choir, numerous musicals, student council or video production, it was at Little Elm High School where I was able to explore and gain important experience where I know at other schools, I would not have been given as many opportunities.  I look back on my high school career and I am proud of my alma mater, because without the dedication of the teachers who poured into me on a daily basis, I would not have had the courage to explore my interest and reach out to pursue my musical career.


    Shelby Sutton / Class of 2012

    Attending Ouchita Baptist University – Worship Arts

      Major – Christian Studies Minor

"thank you to LEHS for always providing chances to students like me who are willing to take them"

  • It was frustrating to hear any criticism of our school district from surrounding areas.  What I love about Little Elm High School is that it is a diverse community and always provided opportunities.  Many students never took the wonderful opportunities available, however, I got my hands on as many activities as possible.  I participated in band, theatre, National Honor Society, Spanish National Honor Society, as well as AP and dual credit classes.  These experiences helped me grow into the woman I am today and I like to think I have been successful since graduating from my alma mater.  I am entering my senior year at Texas A&M University where I have also been graced with many more opportunities.  I am a leader in the Student Government Committee and an intern on campus as well.  I must say that I would never have been prepared for such a full schedule if I had not gotten my feet wet in the halls of LEHS.  So, thank you to LEHS for always providing chances to students like me who are willing to take them.


    Emily Wornsom / Class of 2012

    Attending Texas A&M University

"I give most of my credit of my success to the LEHS Band Program"

  • I am currently stationed overseas serving as a Cyber Transport Specialist in the U.S. Air Force.  I give most of my credit of my success to the LEHS Band Program directed by Mr. Frank Felice and Mr. Celestino Sosa.  The feeling of being a part of something much bigger than myself, to make a difference in other people’s lives, was the best feeling in the world.  This is the primary reason for joining the U.S. Air Force.  Living and working for others is much more satisfying than just living for myself.


    A1C Thomas M. Prater / Class of 2011

      Currently stationed in Yokota AB, Japan

"My teachers were resourceful and caring, some even my mentors"

  • I am a graduate of Little Elm High School and Stephen F. Austin State University.  I am currently working as an Asset Preservation Coordinator with Mortgage Contracting Services in Plano, Texas.  While this may seem a normal progression in life, the percentages were against me.  I was born in Mexico and English is my second language.  Among other things, I am a first generation college student and from a family of low socioeconomic status.  However, I beaten those percentages and that is partially due to the wonderful education and teachers that went above and beyond their job at LEHS.  My teachers were resourceful and caring, some even my mentors.  When I tell people I grew up in Little Elm, I typically get ‘Where is that’ and ‘that must be little.’  I am used to that now, but I know a lot of people look down on me at first because of that.  I came from Little Elm and was provided all the tools that have allowed me to be who I am today and am proud to say I am from Little Elm.


    Stephany Boullosa / Class of 2010

    Stephen F. Austin State University / Class of 2014

    First Generation College Student

    Mortgage Contracting Services – Asset Preservation


"I was taught the meaning of discipline, diligence and leadership"

  • Five years after leaving Little Elm High School I find myself exactly where I ambitioned to be.  I earned My Bachelor of Business Administration / Finance, with a concentration in Alternative Assets from Southern Methodist University in 2014.  Upon graduation I was offered the job of my dreams.  Goldman Sachs, the largest and most prestigious Global Investment Bank in the world, offered me a position in their Global Investment Research Team under the Finance Division in New York City.  Though every accomplishment has been a stepping-stone, a strong and solid foundation is always needed to continue to build on what is already there.  That is exactly what Little Elm High School gave me - a great support system and the necessary tools to be accepted into a top business program in the nation.  I was a first generation college student that had no idea where to even start when applying to universities.  LEHS gave me the best mentors, surrounded me with people who challenged me, and most importantly a whole community that always cheered me on.  From Advanced Placement classes to Drill Team performances every Friday night at football games, I was taught the meaning of discipline, diligence and leadership, the basic fundamentals to anything in life.  By holding leadership positions in various student organizations along with consistent top performance in Advanced Placement and dual credit coursed, I was able to achieve distinction among my peers leading to practically a full ride scholarship to SMU.  As with any success story, nothing is ever given nor does success transpire overnight.  Perseverance and motivation, along with a vision, are essentials to the road of success.


    Magda Alvarez / Class of 2010

    First Generation College Student

    Southern Methodist University / Class of 2014

      BA Business Administration – Finance with

      Concentration in Alternative Assets

    Goldman Sachs – Global Investment Research

      Finance Division

"The incredibly talented teachers pushed me beyond my potential"

  • I owe a great deal of thanks to Little Elm High School.  The incredibly talented teachers pushed me beyond my potential, which ultimately initiated my love for the arts.  Their passion and gifts as teachers is something I hold dear to my heart.  LEHS has wonderful facilities for the fine arts.  Band Hall, Choir Hall, Black Box Theatre, Auditorium and Dance Room all provide the spaces to rehearse and perform and far exceed most high schools.  In addition, we were provided the resources to access instruments, sheet music, stage material, uniforms, costumes and the list goes on!  I was able to participate in choir, band, theatre, winterguard, NHS and debate while a student at LEHS.  I am grateful that support for the Arts continues and I am confident that the advancement of the Fine Arts will remain strong.  A world without art is like a body without a soul.  I am currently singing my second season as a festival chorister for Fort Worth Opera’s production of La Traviata.  Upon graduation, I will be traveling to Boston to sing in an early-music festival and then to Italy to continue training in opera and studying Italian.  My future engagements for this year include singing with The New Orchestra of Spain, Fort Worth Opera’s JFK (World Premiere), Limited Editions House Concerts with Larry Palmer, Spotlight on Opera, and collaborations with UNT Opera!  My goal is to grow artistically and continue my graduate studies in 2016 for a Masters and Artist Diploma.


    Michael Alonzo / Class of 2010

      Bachelor of Arts – Music

    Fort Worth Opera – La Traviata – Chorister

"Little Elm High School helped me prepare for my future with the college classes"

  • After graduation from LEHS I attended Texas Tech University attaining a Bachelors Degree in Industrial Engineering and minors in both Electrical Engineering and Mathematics.  I am now an engineer at Frito Lay headquarters.  Little Elm High School helped me prepare for my future with the college classes such as Calculus and Digital Electronics.  These classes developed my mind the think in the way necessary for a successful engineering career.  I also took other classes at LEHS to build up college credits, which enabled me to receive an additional minor while graduating within four years.  I would not be where I am today without the education I received at Little Elm High School.


    Kristy Horwedel / Class of 2010

    Texas Tech University / Class of 2014

      Bachelor of Science / Industrial Engineering

"I have used the principles I learned there to propel me into college life and the Real World"

  • Since my time at LEHS, I have used the principles I learned there to propel me into college life and the ‘Real World.’  When I think of my time at LEHS, I think of influential teachers that pushed me to think deeper and work harder than I thought I could.  I think of coaches and directors that pushed me to be better than I thought I was.  It was those influences, coupled with a bit of personal determination and grit that led me to the University of Texas and a Bachelors Degree with Honors.  It was those influences that encourage me to join Teach For America and become part of an organization fighting for educational equity in the US.  It was also those same influences that encouraged me to follow my passions and accept a director position with the largest non-profit in the world.  I know LEHS played a huge role in my development into the person that is writing this today.  I have so many wonderful people from LEHS to thank for so many incredible opportunities and experiences that they provided for me.


    Curry Goff / Class of 2010

    University of Texas at Austin / Class of 2014

      Bachelor of Arts with Honors

"Attending LEHS led me down the right track to be where I needed to be for my future"

  • While attending LEHS my freshmen year I became a member of the Blue Angels.  My sophomore year I was a member of the Blue Angels and the Lady Lobo Softball Team.  My junior year I made the Varsity Cheer Squad.  With all the experience of teamwork, dancing and cheerleading, my senior year I became the Varsity Cheer Captain and we became a first place award winning competitive team.  Approaching graduation I was apprehensive about what to do about life after high school.  I was fortunate to have teachers that prepared me for success in college and becoming an adult.  I was accepted into three different universities, one accompanied by a scholarship.  I made the decision to pursue a degree in criminal justice.  Three years after graduating from high school and prior to my twenty-second birthday I joined the U.S. Army.  I have now served almost two years in the military while completing my degree and enjoying a career path.  Attending LEHS led me down the right track to be where I needed to be for my future.  I am where I am today in part due to the hardworking teachers that cared, taught me how to work hard and for education to be a priority in life and for that I am thankful. #soLE #LOBOPROUD


    Reba Love / Class of 2010

    U.S. Army

"At LEHS, a constellation of incredible teachers pushed and inspired me"

  • At LEHS, a constellation of incredible teachers pushed and inspired me; they valued my personal development as much as my intellectual growth.  In physics and calculus, I learned that struggling is natural and good when tackling complex ideas, and that a failure is just an opportunity to try something from a different angle.  In literature, I was pushed to communicate complex ideas quickly and concisely, to keep both my reader and purpose in mind while thinking on my toes.  Band provided a nurturing community for leadership and trying new things, where we learned that dedication to each other and our goals meant winning big.  This foundation was vital to my success and UT Austin, where I was a member of the Longhorn Band and graduated with honors with a BA in Plan II Honors and Communication Studies.  My LEHS education continues to underpin my work now that I have found my path.  I am currently a fully funded graduate student at Pennsylvania State University, one of the country’s top-ranked Communication programs, where I will earn my PhD and research how healthy communication can bolster relational and personal wellbeing in times of life stress and severe economic duress.  I am thankful for all I learned in high school, and as I teach courses for Penn State undergrads, I hope I picked up the qualities that made my LEHS teachers so great.


    Kaytiann Severen / Class of 2009

    University of Texas at Austin / Class of 2013

      BA in Plan II Honors and Communication Studies

    Currently attending and teaching at Penn State

       University / Fully Funded Graduate Student

"Little Elm High School is where I learned to prioritize"

  • Little Elm High School is where I learned to prioritize.  Between AP and Dual Credit Classes, Sports and Student Government, I was required to learn the skills of organization to make everything work.  From LEHS, I went on to earn my degree from the University of Texas prior to moving to New York City.  Since graduation I have worked at Esquire and People Magazines in sales. I am now a Partner Manager at a social media startup, managing social media advertising for multiple clients.  I am lucky to have had the amazing support from teachers, coaches, as well as my parents, and I know that I would not be where I am today without learning crucial organization and time management skills at LEHS.


    Mary Beth Yale / Class of 2008

    University of Texas at Austin / Class of 2012

      Bachelor of Arts – Business/Marketing

"LEHS helped me learn about myself"

  • As a freshman just coming into the new LEHS on Walker Lane in 2004 I was a little distracted to register for classes.  When attempting to sign up for BCIS class it was full.  That meant I was required to take an upper level computer class and it just so happened that only one class was available – Webmastering.   As I stumbled into class my first day I had no idea what to expect.  Once the course work was commenced it was awesome.  I learned Hotmail, Flash, Dreamweaver, Fireworks, and all sorts of other techie skills I still use every day.  A stroke of luck and a great class helped me learn about my future profession long before I knew what I was going to do with my life.  More than that, LEHS helped me learn about myself.  Call it destiny or call it luck, either way, Go Lobos.


    Padraig McGowan / Class of 2008

    Texas Tech University / Class of 2012

      Bachelor of Arts  – BIM

    Graphic/Web Designer

"I truly enjoy working for the community that helped me become the person I am today"

  • After graduation in 2008 from Little Elm High School I attended the University of North Texas with the intention of pursuing an Accounting Degree.  The Advanced Placement Courses enhanced my ability to adapt to college courses and greatly assisted in allowing graduation from university in three years.  On the days I did not have classes I began substitute teaching at LEHS.  Ms. Sue Jameson, my mother and a teacher for the district thought it would be something I would enjoy.  I quickly realized that my true passion was teaching and I changed my major to General Business to graduate as fast as possible.  I then completed an alternative certification program and in August 2012, was hired as a math teacher and coach at Lakeside Middle School.  I truly enjoy working for the community that helped me become the person I am today.  LEHS contributed greatly to my success in college and my career.


    Ben Jameson / Class of 2008

    University of North Texas / Class of 2011

      Bachelor of Arts – General Business

    LEISD – Lakeside Middle School

      Seventh Grade Math Teacher – Boys Athletics Coach

"Little Elm High School has been a valuable stepping-stone to where I am today"

  • I am a 2007 graduate of LEHS and graduate of the Art Institute of Dallas earning a degree in Graphic Design in 2012.  Little Elm High School has been a valuable stepping-stone to where I am today.  Mr. Felice, the band director, always spoke in sayings that connected to other life lessons; ‘If you’re early, you’re on time.  If you’re on time, you’re late.  And if you’re late, you’re left behind.’  That phrase has stayed with me for years and will most likely stay with me for the rest of my life.  Coach Parr, the art teacher, was also a similar soul who encouraged his students to do what you love and the rest will follow.  I enjoyed both their classes and respected the wisdom that they shared with me.  Without teachers like them in LEHS I would not be where I am today.


    Mary Collins / Class of 2007

    Art Institute of Dallas / Class of 2012

      Bachelor of Arts - Graphic Design

    WDG Architecture – Marketing Director and 

      Administrative Coordinator