TRE Outcomes in a nutshell

  • Possible Results of TRE Voter Decision Majority Vote FOR $1.67 Majority Vote AGAINST $1.67
    Final Total Tax Rate $1.54 $1.54
    Additional Funds for M&O from TRE $4,000,000 $0
    LEISD will be able to make debt payments Yes Yes
    Change in average homestead tax bill $194.17 $194.17
    No increase in LEISD tax rate from 2014 Yes Yes
    No future M&O tax increases without change in
    state law
     Yes No
    Provide significant economic development in Little Elm  Yes No
    Maximize State Aid  Yes No
    Provide Little Elm with same funding as Austin and Dallas on $0.13 Yes No
    Access the highest enrichment funding ever in Texas  Yes No