Request a Work Order

Specify you are with LEISD

  • Enter Little Elm ISD's organization account number (1855256064).
    Click "Submit Organization"
    Step 1  

Identify Yourself

  • Enter your email address.
    (Note: MaintenanceDirect uses your email address to identify you in the system)
    Click "Submit"
    Step 2  

If you are a first time user

  • Enter your first and last name
    Click "Submit"
    Step 3  

You and Your Location

  • The Step 1 fields will already be filled in with your contact information according to how it was entered upon registration.
    Click on the drop down arrow and highlight the Location where the work needs to be done. Do the same for Building (if available) and Area. Also, be sure to type in the area description or room number in the Area/Room Number field. 

The Problem

  • Select the Problem Type that best describes the request/issue you are reporting.
    Enter a Description of the problem.

Time, Purpose & Attachments

  • Time Available for Maintenance: Type in the best time for a technician to come by.

    Purpose: Click on the drop down box and select a Purpose Code that best describes why this work is needed.
    Attachment: Click the Attach New File link to attach a photo or document detailing the issue.


  • Enter the Submittal Password. (Submittal Password=password).

    Click Submit at the bottom of the form to submit your request.

After You Submit

  • You will receive an email when your request has been received, as well as an email when your request has been completed or has been denied.

Reviewing your Requests

  • You can review any requests that you have entered into the system. Click on the 'My Requests' tab.
    You will be able to see when you request has been approved, declined, etc.
    You are also able to print out a listing of your requests by clicking the print icon.