Degrees and Certifications:

Tyler Shirey

I am a graduate from the University of North Texas and have dabbled in civil and mechanical engineering for 3 years in college. I am active in my Church duties and am an avid basketball fan and player. I am happily married and my wife is working on her masters in occupational therapy. 
       I began my teaching career as a student teacher at Little Elm High School in the fall of 2013 and have been employed as a full time teacher since the spring of 2014 at the Little Elm High School. I love a good math joke and am a very analytical thinker. 
    My dad is an accountant and that is where I get my passion for math. I get my passion for teaching from some previous poor teachers in school. I am a strong believer in no excuses self responsibility. I was never one of the smartest students but I was a hard working student and believe that my struggles will help other kids understand better with how I understood the material.