Class Expectations


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    Mr V’s Class Rules and Expectations

    Class Rules:

    1. Students have the right to have their time in class be valuable and productive.  For this to happen, students need to come to class prepared and ready to learn.  This means that students have their journal, get their calculator upon arrival, paper, pencil, completed assignments that are due (on the day after they were assigned).  This will allow class to begin promptly.
    2. Students have the right to learn in a safe environment. Therefore, students must be courteous and respectful to other students, staff and themselves.  Insults, rumors, gossip, or put-downs should be kept to yourself.
    3. Students have the right to learn without disruptions or distractions. Such behavior is unfair to other students and to the instructor. Students shall remain in their seats at all times unless otherwise directed to move about. With the exception to water, students will not be allowed to eat, drink or chew gum in class.  The minimizes distractions and ensures a clean and healthy classroom.
    4. It is very important that students are in class and are able to receive instruction and assistance. It is difficult for students to leave class frequently and be successful. Please keep absences of any kind to a minimum.
    5. Students are expected to comply with all reasonable requests from the instructor in a timely manner and without disrupting the learning environment. In this classroom, we adhere to a policy of mutual respect and taking responsibility for our own actions.

    Classroom Discipline:

    1. Verbal Warning
    2. Meeting with teacher
    3. Meeting with parents & teacher
    4. Office referral (could be written earlier, depending on behavior)

    Detention is scheduled for after school and may require parents to make arrangements for transportation.

    1. Detention and Parent Contact 
    2. Office Referral & Administrative Intervention – aka Assistant Principal

    Teacher Responsibilities:

    • I will do my best to create a positive, productive and non-threatening learning environment.
    • I will be ready and prepared to teach every day using a variety of methods.
    • I will do my best to meet the individual needs of my students.
    • I will be consistent and fair in following a progressive discipline procedure.

    As a Student I promise:

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