eBooks and Audiobooks


    Destiny Discover - Little Elm High School Library 

    Click here to access eBooks and audiobooks from from Destiny Discover (Little Elm High School Library) on your computer. 
    Use your student ID as your user name and password.
    For your personal device (smart phone or tablet) use the following link to enter into your browser. https://reader.follettsoftware.com/DD-launcher/
    • This URL will require the user to select a school on initial setup.  Once they have navigated to their Destiny Discover homepage and logged in, the URL will access Destiny Discover directly on subsequent visits.  If the user is attempting to access Destiny Discover while offline, the URL will automatically take them to their offline content library for Follett eBooks and audiobooks.

    Little Elm Public Library

    Click here to access digital and streaming content from the Little Elm Public Library. You must have a public library card for access.