Child Nutrition Accounts

  • When a student enrolls at LEISD, they are given a student ID number. The student ID number also serves as their Child Nutrition account number. Students should memorize their student ID number since they manually enter it when they come through the serving line. Students should refrain from sharing their student ID number.

Meal Account Payments

  • Parents/guardians may log on to and set up an account for free. Parents/guardians can monitor what their student is purchasing daily, make online deposits using their credit card and can set an automatic low balance alert which may aid in helping to eliminate charging.  Remember, setting up the account is FREE! Please note that there is a convenience fee of $2.49 for each single transaction that is made. This convenience fee is administered by the third party web provider.

    Personal checks should be made payable to the student’s campus cafeteria. Please include the student’s full name, their ID number, and school name on the memo line.   

    Cash should be in a sealed envelope labeled with your child’s full name, student ID number and School name.

    *There are no fees associated with cash or check payements.

Meal Prices

  • Breakfast (K-12) $1.75
    Elementary Lunch $2.75
    Secondary Lunch $3.00 

    Adult Breakfast $2.50
    Adult Lunch $3.75

Free & Reduced Meal Benefits

  • Applications for the 2019-2020 school year have not yet been released.  More information to come soon. 

    LEISD Child Nutrition Services offers in conjunction with the National School Lunch and Breakfast Program, free and reduced meal benefits for qualifying households. Each school year a new application is required to apply for the free or reduced meal benefits. Applications are available online at Child Nutrition Services website, from each school campus office, or at the Child Nutrition office. If you believe that you may qualify for the free or reduced priced meal benefits, please complete the application online or complete a paper copy and return it to Child Nutrition. Applications for free and/or reduced meals can be completed at anytime during the school year due to changes in financial income, unforeseen  circumstances, such as unemployment.

Unpaid Meals

  • Student Charges: We strongly discourage meal charges, but we understand that an occasional emergency makes it necessary.  Parents/guardians are encouraged to utilize our online system ( to monitor student balances.   The following policies will apply regarding meal charges.

    A La Carte Food: Students with a negative balance may not charge a la carte items.  Students with a negative balance will be allowed to purchase milk or plain bottled water only with cash. 

    Negative Balance:  Any negative balance on the student(s) cafeteria account is the responsibility of the parent/guardian. The grace period for the charge policy is the school year. If a student’s meal account  has a negative balance, parents/guardians will receive daily notifications by LEISD’s automated messaging system. If a full payment or payment arrangements are not made in a reasonable time and the balance is greater than $25.00,  a Campus Principal, Assistant Principal or LEISD Administrator will be notified in order to collect the negative balance.

Account Restrictions

  • When a parent/guardian would like to place a restriction on their child’s account, the account restriction form should be filled out and returned to the campus cafeteria or the Child Nutrition Office (“CNO”).  Additionally, the parent/guardian can add/delete restrictions by calling the CNO or manager at any time. The Student Account Restriction form is available by visiting the campus cafeteria office, the Child Nutrition Office, or online. 

    If a meal modification request is related to a food allergy, the Meal Accommodation form should be completed and returned to the CNO. In order for LEISD to provide a meal accommodation for a student with a medical disability, the parent or guardian must provide a medical statement signed by medical authority who is licensed by the State of Texas to write prescriptions.  Reasonable modifications to effectively accommodate children with disabilities will be made on a case-by-case basis. A meal modification must be related to the disability or limitations caused by the disability.

    The Student Account Restriction and Meal Accommodation forms are available by visiting the campus  cafeteria office, the Child Nutrition Office, or online.

Helpful Forms