Student Laptop Program at Little Elm ISD

  • All LEISD students will have regular access to a Chromebook computer. 

    Students in grades PreK through 3rd grade will use Chromebooks that are kept in the classroom.  Procedures will be in place for students to take devices home at the campus or teacher's discretion or in the event that learning moves to an online, remote environment.

    Students in grades 4-12 will be issued a Chromebook for use in classroom learning.  Devices are expected to be brought to school fully charged every day.

    In care of the devices, students will be expected to abide by the Student Device Responsible Use Handbook (English) (Español), Responsible Use Policy, Student Handbook and Code of Conduct.

LEISD Laptop Program for 2022-2023

Daily Expectations

  • Student expectations for use of devices:

    • Students are expected to be a good Digital Citizen and promote responsible use of digital tools.
    • Being prepared for class means bringing your device to school each day and having it fully charged.
    • Students are expected to take care of their device, protecting it from accidental damage to the best of their ability.  Intentional damage is considered vandalism, and violations will be dealt with according to guidelines provided in the Student Code of Conduct.
    • Students are expected to keep track of the assigned device and charger throughout the school year.  Students will be responsible for returning them at the end of the year in good working condition.
    • Students are expected to keep food and beverages away from the device.
    • Students are expected to NOT place non-approved decorations (stickers, markings, etc) on the device.
    • Students are expected to notify the teacher or school administrator as soon as possible in the event of damage, theft or loss.

Device Damage or Loss


    • 1st Incident -- No Charge
    • 2nd Incident -- $50
    • 3rd Incident & Beyond -- $100



    • Intentional Damage -- Cost of repair or full replacement *
    • Lost Device -- $300
    • Lost/damaged Charger -- $35
    • Stolen (Police Report required) -- $0 (first time)
      • Replacement cost for any subsequent incidents


    * INTENTIONAL DAMAGE - Common Device Repairs and Costs

    • TouchScreen Repair (PK-1) -- $100
    • Non-TouchScreen Repair (2-12) -- $100
    • Keyboard (Topcase) -- $75
    • Top Cover -- $50
    • Bottom Cover -- $50
    • Removal of Stickers -- $25
    • Logic Board (liquid spills) -- $300
    • Full Replacement -- $300

Why 1:1?

  • By providing a device to students, we want to provide all students an opportunity to utilize digital learning methods and personalize their educational experience. We want to encourage our students to be innovative and think creatively.  Our Student Laptop Program:

    • helps prepare students of today for the world of tomorrow
    • creates conditions for future success by helping students become the types of candidates desired by colleges and employers
    • provides preloaded digital resources on devices
    • helps students becomes creative, innovate problem-solvers - the type of candidates desired by college and employers
    • provides equal access to technology in and out of the classroom