Individual & Small Group Counseling

  • School Counselors form groups to meet the changing needs of students, teachers and families. The mandate for a school counselor is to help remove barriers to a student’s academic achievement.  Groups are formed on the basis of the barriers that exist for various students.  Some of the topics that might be addressed are:

    • Anger Management
    • ADHD coping strategies
    • Strengthening the Classroom Connection
    • Friendship
    • Social Skills
    • Leadership: Use your powers for good!
    • Frenemies: Girls and friendship
    • Teamwork
    • Divorce
    • Self Esteem

    Individual Counseling is not offered on an on-going basis.  Students may meet with Counselors for individual guidance with a particular issue, but if long-term counseling is needed, you will be referred to an outside counselor.