• Vendor contracts which are financially binding LEISD or impacting LEISD’s assets will be executed through Business Services. The Deputy Superintendent, Assistant Superintendent and/or Executive Director will review the contract and sign off on the routing form for all contracts initiated from the departments their positions oversee. After these positions have reviewed the contract, it will be sent to Business Services for execution.

    Most disbursements paid out of contracted services 62XX will require a internal routing slip with a contract, quote or proposal. Verbal obligations from vendors need to be in writing and included in the contract or added as an addendum.

    ALL contracts must be routed for signatures.

    The director, department head, or principal reviews and processes contracts to ensure:

    • All terms are relevant and the contract holds the contractor accountable for producing expected outcome.
    • The contract is in compliance with District policy and procedures, state and federal laws.
    • The contract is in compliance with funding application and guidelines, when funded out of state or federal funds.
    • The contract is cost-effective in providing goods and services.
    • Department’s budget is sufficient to pay for the cost of the contract.

    Purchasing and Finance will review the contract to ensure (allow 3-5 business days for most contracts):

    The contract is in compliance with District, State and Federal procurement laws.

    • The legal terms of the contract protects LEISD.
    • Make certain funding is available at the time of request.
    • Analyze multi-year and automatic renewal terms.
    • Discuss issues with District legal; if deemed necessary by Assistant Superintendent for Business and Finance.
    • Determine if contract needs to be presented to the Board of Directors depending on service &/or amount.

    Consulting Services - standard contract

    Use consultant or contracted services form when hiring a contractor who does not offer a contract to LEISD.

    Execution of Contract

    Once the contract has been executed, the contract will be scanned, saved to a file in Business Services, uploaded and emailed to the originator.

    *Contracts must be fully executed prior to a contractor doing any duties/work.

    *If the vendor is not already set up in ASCENDER, be sure to attach a signed and dated W-9, Conflict of Interest Questionnaire and Chapter 2271 Verification along with the rest of the paperwork.