• Vendors are required to submit all invoices to Business Services which should note the purchase order number, yet occasionally an invoice will be mailed directly to a campus or department. If any invoices are received at the campus or department, they should be forwarded to Business Services immediately.

    Texas law requires that all invoices be paid to vendors within 30 days of receipt of the goods/services. If the district fails to pay promptly, the vendor can assess penalty interest charges. If a staff member neglects to submit an invoice on a timely basis, he/she may be held personally liable for the penalty interest charges.

    Business Services issues invoices for reimbursement requests from outside entities as needed.  The invoices are tracked so that funds are collected on a timely basis. 

    *Contracted Services &/or Contract invoices need to be submitted to Business Services (Accounts Payable) in order to process payment.