Open Purchase Orders

  • Open PO’s are issued on a limited basis to purchase reoccurring items or services. Open PO’s are not intended to be used to acquire items or services required for specific one-time requirements.

    The general purpose of open PO’s is to eliminate the need for numerous individual PO’s for small dollar-value items or services and to provide a means of acquiring urgently needed items or services.

    The following process will be required on each Open PO:

    • Enter a requisition in ASCENDER
    • In the location marked "Order For" enter who the purchase is for 
    • In the location marked "Reason" enter the reason for the purchase
    • In the location marked “Reference Order” enter the words: Open PO
    • In the location marked “Bid Nbr.” Be sure to add the Purchasing Authority (bid/cooperative) being used.
    • In the location marked "Catalog Nbr." enter the words: NTE $(enter the amount).
    • In the location marked “Description” enter the words: Open PO for (specify what will be purchased).
    • In the location marked “Long Description” enter a detailed description of what the Open PO will be used for.
    • Please note a timeframe in which the Open PO is to be used.
    • Name(s) of District employee(s) that are authorized to make charges against the Open PO.

     *Payments can be paid from multiple account codes.

     *Open PO's are not to be issued for Office Supplies.

     *When making a purchase using an Open PO, take the time to make sure that funds are still available.