Purchase of Food and Non-Food Items

  • Food and non-food items (such as paper plates, cups, silverware, etc.) shall be for instructional purposes, for meetings/training sessions, or other approved functions. These food and non-food items may not be consumed or used for personal use. Excess prepared food items may be consumed or disposed of as appropriate. Food purchases from the Child Nutrition Program shall be subject to the U.S. Department of Agriculture guidelines.

    Generally, snacks, food and non-food supplies for staff development purposes shall be charged to a staff development account code (function 13). When these items are utilized for faculty, site-based meeting, etc., the expense shall be coded to the campus Activity Account (Fund 461).  All other uses should be coded to the appropriate account code.

    Food Requistions Required Documentation:

    *Before Meeting for PO request - include meeting agenda (i.e. date, time, location, etc.) & list of attendees or list of invited to attend

    *After Meeting for invoice payment - include meeting agenda (i.e. date, time, location, etc.) and sign in sheet/list of attendees