Purchase Order Procedures

  • State law requires all school districts to process an authorized purchase order (PO) prior to placing an order committing district managed funds. A purchase order is not authorized until it is approved by the Assistant Superintendent for Business and Finance or designee

    Please talk to the campus secretary and principal before making any purchases. The District will NOT be responsible for any orders placed before a PO has been approved. If you purchase supplies before obtaining a LE ISD purchase order, you will NOT be reimbursed nor will the District assume responsibility for the unauthorized purchase.

    Business Services processes purchase orders in a timely manner. PO’s will be printed for signatures once a day.

    The purchasing process includes many steps:

    1. The campus secretary completes a Purchase Order Form (PO) with approved vendor information, desired quantity and prices.
    2. The campus principal or department director reviews, assigns an expenditure account code number(s) and approves through ASCENDER the PO(s) before submitting them to the Business Services.
    3. After the Assistant Superintendent for Business and Finance or designee approves the PO, a signed copy of the purchase order which will be assigned a number on it is returned to the campus &/or department.
    4. The campus or department makes a copy of the purchase order for their files and sends a copy of the purchase order to the vendor.
    5. In most cases, the vendor will ship the items to the campus.
    6. A campus employee will inspect the shipment for damage and accuracy.
      1. Is any of the merchandise damaged?  If so, report this to the company/vendor immediately.
      2. Are all the items on the packing slip in the package?  If not, report this to the company/vendor immediately.
      3. Does the packing slip or merchandise match the purchase order?  If not, contact the company/vendor immediately.
    7.  If &/or when the shipment is complete; fill in the Invoice# and the amount needing to be paid on the lines provided.
    8. Sign the “Received by” line with your name and the date you received the merchandise and forward the PO along with the Invoice to Business Services.
    9. Business Services will pay the vendor after obtaining the PO stamped “received” and an accurate vendor invoice.

    *An original invoice is usually shipped from the company/vendor directly to Business Services at the same time the merchandise is shipped. If any invoices are received at the campus &/or department, they should be forwarded to Business Services immediately. They are used to pay the bill once we have received the PO with a signature on the “Received by” line.