Purchasing Authority

  • Currently, Little Elm ISD participates in the following cooperatives: 

    A district can contract or agree with another local government, including a nonprofit corporation that is created and operated to provide one or more governmental functions and services, or with the state or a state agency, including the General Services Commission, to purchase goods and any services reasonably required for the installation, operation ir maintenance of goods. The purchase of an inter-local contract may be to study the feasibility of using an inter-local contract to perform a governmental function or service, or to provide a governmental function or service that each party to the contract is authorized to perform individually.

    Local governments that are parties to an inter-local contract for the performance of a service may, in performing the service, apply the law applicable to a party as agreed by the parties. (Section 791.012, Government Code)

    Requirements for inter-local contracts include:

    • Authorization by the governing body of each party of the contract
    • Statement of the purpose, terms, rights and duties of the contracting parties
    • Specifications that each party paying for the performance of governmental functions or services must make those payments from current revenues available to the paying party

    Inter-local contractual payments must fairly compensate the party who performs the services or functions under the contract. In addition, the parties to an inter-local contract may create an administrative agency or designate an existing local government to supervise the performance of the contract. Consequently, the agency or designated local government can employ personnel, perform administrative activities and provide administrative services necessary to perform the inter-local contract. (Section 791.011-791.025, Government Code)