Registration Fees

  • Registration fees are typically paid in advance by the District. It is standard LEISD practice for the District to pay for employee registration fees. If the provider of the event accepts POs as the method of payment, then it is the appropriate procedure. Advance payments of registration fees will be made to seminar providers only, not to the employee. When you forward the seminar paperwork to Business Services, you must include a copy of the complete registration form and itinerary for our files. The original registration form should be kept at the campus to be mailed with the check.

    Conference information and registration detail showing cost should be attached to the travel request form and submitted with your requisition in ASCENDER. A personal credit card should not be used for registration.

    Conference registrations are coded to object code 6411 (employee), 6412 (student) and 6419 (non-employee).

    If the employee traveling pays for registration on a personal card, the employee will receive reimbursement after trip concludes and the travel expense form is submitted with receipts.