Travel Expenses - Airfare

    • Get a quote or estimated price for airfare.
    • Enter a requisition in ASCENDER to the approved vendor that needs to be paid (not Capital One). The approved vendor selected should have "CC" on the end. Example: "American Airlines-CC"
    • In the location marked "Order For" enter who the travel purchase is for 
    • In the lcoation marked "Reason" enter the reason for the purchase
    • In the location marked “Bid Nbr.” enter: Travel - Airfare
    • In the location marked “Description” or “Long Description” enter a detailed description of purpose.
    • Attach documentation.
    • Once the PO is approved, contact Accounts Payable to make sure that a Credit Card is available.
    • Provide the approved PO when signing out a credit card.
    • When signing the Credit Card back in, bring the receipt that will need to be signed by your campus principal/administrator.


    • Have an approved PO beforehand.
    • Personal credit cards are for emergency use only, which will need prior approval by an Assistant Superintendent.
    • An approved purchase order before the trip is an assurance that the airfare will be paid by LEISD.
    • Airline tickets should not be purchased through any ticket agency or online prior to receiving an approved purchase order from Business Services.
    • The District will only reimburse for coach class fare.
    • If a signed receipt is not submitted, the employee will need to reimburse the District.
    • Consider all options before choosing the method of transportation to an event. Factor in all expenses necessary when deciding whether to fly.