Travel Expenses - Lodging

  • Lodging will be paid by a District issued check (or credit card) paid directly to the hotel. A PO must be submitted with a copy of your Travel Request Form and a copy of your confirmation attached. The District employee must pick up the check from Business Services and deliver to the hotel during check-in.

    • Obtain conference details for designated conference lodging.
    • Enter a requisition in ASCENDER to the approved vendor being paid (not Capital One). The approved vendor selected should have "CC" on the end. Example: "Marriott-CC"
    • In the location marked "Order For" enter who the purchase is for 
    • In the lcoation marked "Reason" enter the reason for the purchase
    • In the location marked “Bid Nbr.” enter Travel - Lodging
    • In the location marked “Work Order” enter the word: CC
    • In the location marked “Description” or “Long Description” enter a detailed description of purpose.
    • In the “Description or Comments” section include: Name, Date, and Location of conference, Number of rooms booked and list of staff per room.
    • Attach the lodging reservation, travel request form, etc. for documentation.
    • Once the PO is approved, contact Accounts Payable to make sure that a Credit Card is available.
    • Provide the approved PO when signing out a credit card.


    • Have an approved PO beforehand for lodging to be paid with a District credit card &/or PO.
    • No Texas state hotel occupancy or sales tax. Little Elm ISD is not exempt from out of state, city or county occupancy taxes.
    • When staying at a hotel, employees should complete a Texas Hotel Occupancy Tax Exemption Certificate(at time of check-in) to avoid state occupancy tax. If the employee fails to submit a Texas Hotel Occupancy Tax Exemption Certificate and is charged the state tax, Little Elm ISD will not be responsible for that portion of the hotel expense.
    • If no designated lodging listed or available, use for lodging rate per location
    • NOTE: For cost saving measures, it is recommended that traveler’s share lodging arrangements where possible. If the hotel room is to be shared with another staff member, his/her name should be indicated on the travel receipt form.
    • Provide lodging receipt within 10 days after return of travel.