Travel Expenses - Meals

  • For overnight travel, expenses for meals shall be paid on a per diem basis, for which receipts shall not be required. Eligible meal reimbursement is applicable when an employee is away during the noted times and when a meal is not already provided. Continental breakfast offered by the hotel is considered a provided meal and not reimbursable. 

    All meal money requests should include the time and date of departure and return. Attach a copy of the Travel Request Form, hotel information, and any conference registration, schedules, etc. If any of the required information or supporting documents is missing it will delay the processing of your PO and when the check will be cut.


    • A PO should be issued for travel meal requests with all necessary documentation attached.
    • Travel Request Form and trip information should be attached to the PO.
    • No receipts shall be required for expenses paid on a per diem basis.
    • Travel reimbursement for meal expenses when overnight lodging is not required is considered taxable income according to the IRS; therefore, meals will not be reimbursed unless overnight lodging is required.
    • Meal expenses incurred within the District or within 50 miles of travel destination from traveler’s origination point (LEISD location) are not reimbursable. Any exceptions must have final pre-approval from the approving budget manager.
    • No reimbursements for: any amounts in excess of the approved amount, alcohol or tips (not to exceed 20%).
    • Currently the meal rates are a total of $36/day max:

    Eligible reimbursement for meal costs incurred during approved overnight travel shall be limited to the following:

                   Breakfast     $6.00          (must leave by 6:00 a.m.)

                   Lunch           $12.00       (must leave by 11:00 a.m.)

                   Dinner          $18.00       (must return after 6:00 p.m.)

     If eligible for the entire $36.00 per diem for a full day of travel on an overnight trip, it may be used in different amounts for each meal; amounts greater than $36 per day will not be reimbursed.