Travel Expenses - Mileage

  • A District owned vehicle with a District gas card is the preferred method of transportation. Employees utilizing a personal vehicle to conduct official business will receive reimbursement at the current approved mileage rate. The current mileage rate is $0.625 cents per mile. Check the travel webpage for updates on mileage rates.

    When local mileage is reimbursable, employees shall use the Mileage Log when logging mileage. The LEISD District Mileage Chart will be utilized when verifying travel to District locations. OPEN POs for mileage for the fiscal year is acceptable, however it is suggested to complete mileage on a semester basis or sooner due to the mileage rate change in January. *attach the Mileage Log and PO (if applicable) to a completed and signed Travel Expense Form for reimbursement.


    • A mileage reimbursement shall not be greater than the cost of a coach airfare.
    • Odometer reading or mileage printout (i.e. Google Maps) is required for mileage verification from origination point (LEISD) to destination point per mile.
    • The mileage reimbursement rate is inclusive of all expenses associated with the use of the employee’s personal vehicle.
    • When driving your personal vehicle, the school district insurance is not the primary insurance coverage in case of an accident. The driver’s personal insurance is responsible for coverage.
    • If the driver leaves from home, the driver will need to subtract exact miles from "work to home" on a regular workday.
    • Only the employee driving may claim mileage reimbursement.
    • If a stipend is in effect which covers/includes mileage, then being reimbursed for mileage would not be an option.

     All forms can be found on the Purchasing webpage under the tab “Forms”. View the “Helpful Tips” tab to help plan ahead for your trip