Travel Expenses - Students

  • (the following must be approved by Principal/Department Administrator)

    Students will receive meal allotments per meal per day at the current rate listed on the LEISD Travel Webpage. If the coach/sponsor pays for all the meals, then one itemized receipt must be obtained from the eating establishment and remitted to Business Services. If the funds were advanced, excess funds must be returned. The receipt and any excess funds are due to Business Services within 10 days of return.


    Employees (sponsors) requesting student sponsored trips shall utilize the Student Travel Request Form to request travel funds for student trips. The immediate supervisor of the employee sponsoring the trip must approve all student travel requests. A roster of students and sponsors attending the function must be included with all requests. Make sure to include sponsors expenses as well. Attach student travel cash advance request and all other documentation to your requisition in ASCENDER.

    Once the trip has concluded, the sponsor shall submit the Student Cash Sheet and Reconciliation Form, to include necessary receipts of expenses. If students are given the money to spend on meals, receipts are not required; however students and sponsor(s) attending must sign and date receiving meal amounts per day. Any excess funds from advanced student meal funds (for students who did not travel) and the list must be returned to Business Services within 10 business days of returning.

    All Forms can be found on the Purchasing webpage under the tab “Forms”


    • Student meal allotments shall be followed for both students and employees in attendance for special events, day-trips for UIL. sporting events, etc. Event documentation required.
    • If cash is given to each student as well as staff members, be sure to submit a roster list that each student has signed.
    • The sponsor should complete a Texas Hotel Occupancy/Tax Exemption Certificate to avoid state occupancy tax. If the sponsor fails to submit a Texas Hotel Occupancy Tax Exemption Certificate and is charged the state tax, Little Elm ISD will not be responsible for that portion of the hotel expense. LEISD is not exempt from County and City occupancy tax.
    • Meals purchased by the school for group student travel on authorized school trips are exempt from the sales tax only if the school contracts for meals. (This would also apply for banquets for school groups.) Generally, the meal must be paid for with a school check and the eating establishment must be provided with an exemption certificate. Individual members of the groups may not claim exemption from sales tax on meals they purchase while on a school of school district authorized trip. 
    • NOTE: Booster clubs, PTA’s and other associated groups may not use the District’s tax exemption certificate or employer identification number. By law, these groups must obtain their own tax exemption status and employer identification number. Individual members of the groups may not claim exemption from sales tax on meals they purchase while on a school of school district authorized trip.
    • Little Elm ISD is not exempt from out of state, city or county occupancy taxes.

     Eligible reimbursement for meal costs incurred for day trip or approved overnight travel shall be limited to the following:

                   Breakfast     $5.50          (must leave by 6:00 a.m.)

                   Lunch           $7.50         (must leave by 11:00 a.m. and return after 1:00 p.m.)

                   Dinner          $12.00       (must return after 6:00 p.m.)

    If eligible for the entire $25.00 per diem for a full day of travel or an overnight trip, it may be used in different amounts for each meal; amounts greater than $25 per day will not reimbursed.