• Every year we must update the Little Elm ISD Master Vendor List which can be found on Click on “Support Services,” then click on “Purchasing,” and then click on “Little Elm ISD Master Vendor List.” The vendors can be searched by either ‘vendor name’ or ‘vendor number’. Little Elm ISD currently participates in various cooperative purchasing networks. Any vendor that is on one of our cooperatives such as BuyBoard, or Texas Cooperative Purchasing Network,, is automatically approved. No purchase orders will be processed if the vendor has not been approved and placed on the updated Little Elm ISD Master Vendor List. Secretaries need to verify this information and complete this process before forwarding a PO to Business Services for approval.

    Active Vendors in ASCENDER

    • When entering a requisition in ASCENDER, be sure to add the Purchasing Authority (bid/cooperative) being used in the location marked “Bid Nbr.”

    Example: BuyBoard, Region 7, TCPN, Sole Source

    Under the tab marked “Vendor Notes” please copy & paste the information that can be found on the Little Elm ISD Master Vendor List along with any other information that you may need to relay to the vendor

    Example: BuyBoard - Contract#: 409-12 

    *If you notice that a contract has expired, feel free to contact Bernice S. Gonzales, Jennifer Barrychuck or the vendor directly to see if the vendor is still an approved vendor on a newer/updated contract.

    *For any vendor that is approved through EPCNT, please be sure to make note of which school district the vendor is approved for by referring to the Little Elm ISD Master Vendor List.

     Example: EPCNT-Frisco - (I will enter the Contract#)

     Vendors Requesting To Be Added In ASCENDER

     Please provide the following information to Jennifer Barrychuck and Bernice S. Gonzales either by inner-office mail or email:

    *If a single purchase will be over $500 and the vendor is NOT an awarded vendor on either a bid/cooperative, 2 quotes will be required & will need to be kept with each individual purchase order on your campus as a record/supporting documentation.