Walmart Purchases

  •  Purchases will be strictly for Food & Paper Product Items


    • Enter a requisition in ASCENDER using "Vendor Nbr" 00165
    • In the location marked "Order For" enter who the purchase is for 
    • In the location marked "Reason" enter the reason for the purchase
    • In the location marked “Reference Order” enter the word: Open PO
    • In the location marked “Bid Nbr.” be sure to enter the word: Walmart
    • In the location marked "Catalog Nbr." enter the words: NTE $(enter the amount).
    • In the location marked “Description” enter a detailed description of what the Open PO will be used for. If more space is needed, feel free to use the location marked “Long Description” as well.
    • In the "Line Item Notes" tab be sure to enter: Only this/these LEISD employee(s): __[Insert authorized employee(s) NAME(s) here]__ is/are authorized to use this Purchase Order and must show their driver's license and LEISD Identification.
    • You can enter an Open PO with both “food & paper product items” but enter a line item for “Food” using 6498 and a separate line item for “Paper Product Items” using 6499.
    • As soon as you have the fully executed Open PO, contact Gabby Ayala @ 972-947-9340 ext: 10503 to make sure that a Walmart card is available.
    • When signing out the Walmart card, be sure to bring a copy of the Tax Exempt Form along with the signed PO with you.
    • When signing the Walmart card back in, bring the receipt that will need to be signed by your campus principal/administrator.

     *Food items include: snacks and coffee

     *Walmart credit cards should not be used/intended for Sam's Club purchases.

     *When making a purchase using an Open PO to Walmart, take the time to make sure that funds are still available.

     *The purchase of bikes/games can be purchased as long as you are using 461-campus activity funds for Perfect Attendance. Bike price range from $50 - $90. Make note that the bikes/games rules for selection are known in advance and that all students are eligible for selection. There must be clear rules determining who receives these items and the number of bikes/games available is identified before the contest begins.