• Process yearbook orders through the requisition/purchase order process using 461 account. It is understood that an exact dollar amount may not be known at the time the requisition is input, the best estimated dollar amount for the campus yearbook order should be used.

    When submitting a requisition for payment:

    • Line 1: enter a description and “Estimated Cost” QTY: 1 Price: enter estimated pre-payment amount
    • Line 2: enter description and “Final payment” QTY: 1 Price: enter final payment amount **

    *A change order can be processed to increase or decrease the amount of the purchase order.

    *When processing the requisition with the two required lines, procurement is aware that the second line of the requisition may only have a $1.00 amount until the required funds have been collected for the balance due and deposited into the bank account. This procedure allows the annual yearbook process to be posted on a single purchase order (avoiding multiple documents).