Dual Credit (DC)

  • What is Dual Credit?
    Dual Credit courses are college courses provided by institutions of higher education (IHE). These colleges are typically local junior colleges that LEISD has partnered with but can also be four year universities or online programs. 

    Why take Dual Credit?
    Benefits to DC courses include increased savings and an easier transition to college as well as higher rates of successful and on time completion of college. DC allows students the opportunity to enroll in a college course while also earning high school credit. *Students can graduate having earned core college credits, giving them a head start with their post high school education. 

    Who should take Dual Credit?
    Students who want to take challenging college courses while also earning high school credit should consider DC. Students should always discuss schedules and course selections with counselors and parents to ensure the best choices are made for short and long-term success. Remember, as soon as you take a DC course your college transcript has begun.

OnRamps through UT

  • What is OnRamps?
    OnRamps innovative dual-enrollment program brings rigorous courses aligned with the high standards & expectations of The University of Texas at Austin to thousands of students across TX. 

    Why take OnRamps?
    OnRamps allows students to participate in college level coursework in a supportive environment and with a Little Elm ISD teacher. LEISD teachers partner with the UT Professor to assess student work to determine mastery. This experience provides an authentic entry point to college expectations for students and their families. OnRamps students learn first-hand what it takes to succeed in college, before they get there.

    OnRamps students who earn college credit receive a college transcript along with separate high school credit and a high school transcript. OnRamps college course credit is accepted at any public university of college in Texas as well as many private and non-Texas institutions.

    Who should take OnRamps?
    Students who have been in on-level courses but are ready for a challenge are great candidates for OnRamps. Also, students who have taken AP courses but maybe were not successful on the exam, receiving a 1 or 2, might benefit from an OnRamps course. OnRamps provides those students with multiple opportunities to demonstrate learning instead of one major exam. OnRamps is a good option for students who would like to challenge themselves in a low risk and supportive environment.


Partnerships & Courses

  • Partnerships
    North Central Texas College, OnRamps through the University of Texas at Austin, Project Lead the Way (PLTW), and Texas Woman’s University 

    Current Courses Offered

    English 1301, English 1302, English Literature, English Composition, College Algebra, Government, Economics, Psychology, Learning Framework, Public Speaking, US History I, US History II, Music Appreciation, Statistics, & Financial Analysis

    Accounting & Personal Finance

    OnRamps through UT | Face-to-Face
    English III, English IV, Algebra (II), Pre-Calculus 

    Project Lead The Way | Face-to-Face
    Civil Engineering and Architecture, Computer Science Principles, Intro to Engineering Design, Principles of Engineering 

    TWU | Face-to-Face
    Calculus, Precalculus 

    Always communicate with the institution of higher education to check course offerings and refer to the high school course guide and Little Elm ISD grading guidelines for additional important information.