Pages You Don't Want/Need

  • "Pages" are listed in the grey box on the left-hand side of your screen. If you have pages you no longer want or need, follow the instructions below to delete them.

Delete A Page

  • On the right-hand side of the page you would like to delete, click Actions then scroll down and click Delete
    Delete Page  

Make a Page Inactive

  • If you have a page that you only need visible certain times of year (ex. field trip information) you can make the page inactive so that you can keep your information and just have it hidden until you need it. 
    On the left-hand side of the page you would like to make inactive, just click the word Active. The word "Active" will now change to "Inactive" and the page will be greyed out (please note, pages cannot be edited while they are inactive). 
    Inactive Page