Setting Up your "Home" Page

  • To edit your page title "Home" click the page name. You will be taken to a page with three grey boxes (also called apps), Follow the instructions below to learn how to edit the information in each app.
    Sample Home Page   

About Teacher App

  • The app titled "About Teacher App" is where you will enter the following information:
    • Picture
    • Name 
    • Grade Level(s) and/or Subjects you teach
    • Bio
    • Contact Information
    • Degrees & Certifications
    When you click the app, you will go straight to the About Me tab where you will:
    • Select your prefix from a drop-down
    • Enter your first and last name followed by a hyphen and the grade level(s) and/or subject(s) you teach 
    • Enter your bio
    • Browse for a picture (ideal picture width is 250-280 pixels wide, this can be set once you have selected the picture)
    Once all that information is entered, click the Details tab at the top to enter the following information: 
    • Email
    • Phone number with extension
    • Degrees & certifications
    Screenshot - Details  
    Don't forget to click SAVE 

Class Schedule App

    Now click the app (grey box) that says "Class Schedule". This one is pretty straight-forward, you just need to type your schedule and make sure you include your conference time.
    After you type your schedule, click Save
    Now, you can turn on the heading that says "Class Schedule" (this only has to be done the VERY FIRST time you edit your page, once the heading is turned on it stays on).
    To Turn on your heading click the grey box on the top right-hand side of the page that says "Options"
    APP Options  
    then click the small box next to "Show the app name on my page"
    App Name   

Links & Resources App

  • Follow the same same instructions above to turn on the Links & Resources heading for this app.
    Click New Link
    Links & Resources App  
    A box will open where you will:
    • Enter the link title
    • Enter a description of the link (some teachers use this to include username and password for certain online textbooks)
    • Paste the link
    Click Save and repeat for as many links as you would like to include on your page! 
    Click I'm Done when you're completely finished with Links & Resources.