Create a New Page

  • To create a new page in your teacher section click New Page
    New Page  
    Enter the Page Name, Click Blank Page and click Save & Continue 
    Page Details  

Make a Page Link Out

  • Sometimes it's helpful to make a page that links directly out to a document or another site. By having this link in a page, it lets it live in the grey box to the left and makes it easier to find. Follow the steps below to learn how to make a page link directly out.
    Next to the page you would like to link, on the right-hand side, click Actions, scroll down and click Page Options
    Page Options  
    Paste the link in the box where it says "Map Page to Web Address" and click Save
    Map Page  
    Helpful Hint:
    If you are linking to a page within the LEISD website (campus calendar, newsletter archive, a sports homepage, etc.) set the link to open in the same window. 
    If you are linking to a document or page outside the LEISD website it is more user-friendly for the link opens in a new window.