Non-Travel Reimbursement & Expenses

  • Without prior approval, reimbursement for non-travel purchases may or may not be reimbursed by the district. Employees should follow state and local procurement laws when purchasing non-travel items by using purchase orders and/or district check requests. If an employee purchases non-travel items and requests a reimbursement from the district, please be aware that the purchase bypasses authorization and procurement review and may or may not be reimbursed.

    *NO reimbursement will be approved for gift cards.

    Supplies and Food Reimbursements

    Employees are encouraged to purchase classroom and office supplies through the District’s purchasing policies and procedures. Employees purchasing items on behalf of the District with personal funds are required to have prior approval before the purchase is made. Employees making purchases for office supplies, such as coffee, snacks, water, etc. may be reimbursed for the expense only, no sales tax.

     Business Lunches

    A business lunch is considered any meal that is provided for a meeting that is considerably longer than a normal meeting time or one where a vendor is present. In order for this expense to be allowable, an itemized receipt must be provided and the District will require the following information:

    • Business purpose
    • Amount of expense
    • Date and place
    • Name(s) and business relationship of all persons attending
    • Employee’s signature

    Taxes should not be included; food purchases and business lunches shall follow the guidelines herein. Tips and gratuities not to exceed 20%. All other expenses not covered in this policy will be up to the discretion of Business Services.