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  • 3rd Grade FAQ’s

    Will my child have homework in 3rd grade?

    Yes, there will be times your child brings home homework.

    Reading - Reading comes home every week.  It will include reading skills, spelling activities, and reading log.  

    Writing - Your child will have a writing journal that will go back and forth from school to home.  Encourage your child to write in it daily.

    Occasionally, your child will have science or social studies homework, like reviewing for test or finishing a project.  

    Your child will only have math homework if they do not finish classwork or to review for a test.

    When and where will the 3rd grade students go on a Field Trip?

    UNT Elm Fork Education Center


    Can I Volunteer to help?

    Yes, please help us!  Throughout the year, we need help with making copies, laminating, filing, Tuesday folders, as well as, in-class opportunities, such as reading to students or helping with experiments. Must have volunteer application on file. 

    Where can I find the 3rd grade Schedule?  

    We have the schedule posted on our websites and Facebook page.

    How will I know what is going on at school and with my 3rd grader? We will be communicating with a weekly email, through our Facebook page, and ClassDojo.  If you have a question or concern, please email or call us. We are here to help and want to make this a successful year for you and your child.

    Can I send cupcakes or cookies for my child’s birthday?

    Yes, we will celebrate birthdays in their homeroom class. Please let us know if you are sending treats. We look forward to celebrating birthdays with our students!

    When are the class parties?

    We will have a Holiday party in December, a Valentine’s Party in February, and, an end-of-year party in May.   We will communicate the details several weeks before each party.

    How can I learn more about the 3rd grade curriculum?

    Join us for Curriculum Night to learn and discuss the curriculum for each subject.  Also, each week we will post the learning concepts that will be taught for each subject.

    We will be happy to answer any questions you have throughout the school year.  Please reach out to us and let us know how we can help.


    Mrs. Smith - ccaseysmith@littleelmisd.net

    Mrs. Duchene - dduchene@littleelmisd.net

    Mrs. Diaz - andreadiaz@littleelmisd.net

    Mrs. Tuffs - jtuffs@littleelmisd.net