Students are strongly encouraged to take private lessons. Young musicians simply cannot receive the individual help in a group or class that they can in a one-on-one situation. A student taking private lessons has the ability to double his/her progress in a year’s time. Consequently, most of the outstanding band programs in Texas are based on a strong private lesson program. Please take advantage of the opportunity to sign up. Lessons are $18 per lesson once a week and will be scheduled/arranged through communication between the private instructor and the student’s parent.


    Please contact the following LEISD contracted instructors if interested in lessons.

    They are all highly qualified individuals!


    Vanessa Nates, Flute Instructor

    Linda Jenkins, Flute Instructor


    Donald Gee, Oboe Instructor

    Anthony Adario, Bassoon Instructor

    Alondra Meneces, Clarinet Instructor

    Danielle Janos, Clarinet Instructor


    Michael Kelly, Saxophone Instructor

    (503) 312-1819

    • Luke Colbert, Saxophone Instructor

    Kevin Swaim, Trumpet Instructor

    Mary Collier, French Horn Instructor


    Michael Laughlin, Trombone Instructor

    Bradley Halloran, Euphonium/Tuba


    Denver Nuckolls, Percussion Instructor



    *Note: Parents are allowed to find their own music instructors as well. I also have the ability to add more lesson teachers to the list as needed.