Purchasing Process

  • Establishing an effective purchasing process requires attention to many components. The following components are addressed:

    • Purchasing Procedures Manual. This section describes the importance of having a formally adopted manual which clearly delineates the district’s purchasing policies and procedures. The section also contains information on the typical content of a procedures manual.

    • Vendor Selection and Relations. This section addresses the methods that a school district should utilize to select vendors to provide goods and services. Also provided is information regarding management of vendor relations, techniques for evaluating vendors and information on vendor communication.

    • Requisition Process. This section defines and describes the elements of the requisition process and describes the relationship of this important “front-end” step to other interrelated steps comprising the purchasing function.

    • Purchase Orders. This section outlines the content of a typical purchase order as well as the major steps in processing of purchase orders to meet user needs. Also provided are examples of:

      − A purchase order

      − Purchase order processing flow

      − Purchase order register

    • Receiving/Distribution. This section provides guidelines on techniques for properly receiving materials from vendors and subsequently distributing these to the appropriate staff member and location within the school district.

    • Control Environment. This section describes the importance of having a strong control environment to protect school district resources and the integrity of the overall purchasing process. It also identifies common control problems within the school district purchasing system.