Vendor Performance Evaluation

  • A system for the evaluation of vendors and their performance is important to support an effective purchasing function. Factors to consider for inclusion in the evaluation are:

    • Timeliness of deliveries

    • Service availability

    • Completeness and accuracy of order

    • Quality of products or services received

    Whenever problems are encountered with a vendor, (i.e., a vendor fails to deliver certain items or delivery does not meet specifications) it is important to document the problem, noting the date and an accurate description of the problem. The vendor should then be contacted by telephone and told specifically how the school district wants the problem corrected. The school district should keep a record of all phone calls, including the dates and what was discussed. If the problem is not resolved or continues, written notification stating the problem, the corrective action required and that the vendor’s failure to correct the problem will be considered a breach of contract and could result in the cancellation of the contract should be given the vendor. This record of information about vendor performance is very important in the evaluation of the vendor and a copy of all records should be forwarded to the business office. 

    If significant problems are encountered with the vendor contact the business office, the school district should consult with legal counsel concerning the removal of the vendor from the approved vendor list and discontinuing any business with the vendor.

    Finally, the school district should try to develop an open and professional relationship with each vendor while still maintaining total independence and objectivity.