Print Purchase Orders

  • In order to print out Purchase Orders (PO's) , please follow the steps below.


    • Log into ASCENDER
    • Click on the "Purchasing" application
    • Hover over the tab titled "Reports" & then click on "Purchase Order Reports"
    • Click on "REQ1450 - Print Purchase Orders"
    • Make sure that the following parameters are marked: 
      • Select Current Year (C) or Next Year (N) = C - Include the current year requisitions.
      • Print on pre-printed purchase order form? (Y/N) = N - Do not print the purchase orders on a preprinted form.
      • Sort by Purchase Order (P), Alpha (A), Vendor Nbr (N), Vendor Sort Key (S) = P - Sort the report by purchase order.
      • Select Unprinted Purchase Order(s), or blank for ALL = Type the six-digit unprinted purchase order numbers, including all leading zeros and separating multiple purchase numbers with a comma (e.g., 000008, 091929). Or, click to search for purchase order numbers. Otherwise, leave blank to use all unprinted purchase order numbers.

    ~ This is where you can physically type in the exact PO# that was emailed to you, or you can click on the  Button   & search clicking on multiple PO's that you would like to print.

      • Include Account Code Ledger on District Copy? (Y/N) = Y - Print a district purchase order with a summary of each account code and the summary total. The approval path will not be included. In addition, there is a blank line for the user to enter the invoice number and the expend amount manually.
      • Shipping Address Line 1 using Contact (C) or Organization (O) = O - Print the organization on line 1 of the shipping address.
      • Include Requestor's Name in Shipping Address? (Y/N) = Y - Include the requestor's name from the shipping address.
      • Include Requisition Comments? (Y/N) = N - Exclude the requisition comments from the report.
      • Include Bid Category? (Y/N) = N - Do not include the three-digit bid category code.
      • Include Item Note? (Y/N) = Y - Include the line item note.


    • Click on "Run Preview"
    • Click on "District"
    • Click on the Adobe PDF icon - PDF
    • Click "Save" 
    • After you save the file, the download button will turn BLUEBLUE
    • Click on the BLUE arrow & Adobe PDF icon to open the Purchase Order(s)
    • Click "File" & then "Print" in order to print the selected Purchase Order(s).

      * Feel free to narrow down your search with other parameters that are not required.

     * Remember that the "requestor" can only print the PO's that he/she entered into ASCENDER.