2019-2020 Dual Language

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    Interested parents of incoming kindergartners for the 2019-2020 school year who want their child in the Dual Language program should plan to attend one of two parent meetings:


    Wednesday, February 27, at Oak Point Elementary from 6-8 p.m.

    Wednesday, March 27, at Brent Elementary from 6-8 p.m.


    To be considered for the program, you must attend one meeting.


    Criteria for acceptance into the program include:

    • Parent in attendance at one of the two mandatory parent meetings
    • Completed online application and commitment letter
    • Residency in Little Elm ISD (school zone finder)

English Language Learners

  • An English language learner is defined as “A person who is in the process of acquiring English and has another language as the first native language§89.1201 policy. The state requires school districts to ensure an equal educational opportunity for every student identified as an English language learner as stated in §89.1201 policy. Both Bilingual Education and ESL programs are state approved.


    The process of identification begins with the Home Language Survey parents fill out the first year the student is in U.S. schools. If parents respond that a language other than English is spoken at home, the district is required to evaluate the level of English language proficiency of the student. If the other language spoken is Spanish, our district also evaluates the Spanish language proficiency of the student. This evaluation will determine if the student qualifies for dual language as a Spanish speaker or the ESL program.


    Little Elm ISD offers the following programs for English language learners:

English as a Second Language

  • The English as a Second Language program (ESL) is known for providing content and language instruction in English only. Little Elm ISD offers this program at all of our campuses.

Dual Language

Dual Language: What Happens After 5th Grade?

  • Effective the 2018-2019 school year, a new amendment on Texas state law allows students who successfully complete a dual language immersion program in elementary school to receive one foreign language high school credit.


    What does this mean for my student?

    As a result, any student who successfully completes the K-5 dual language program at Little Elm ISD will receive one world languages credit with a passing score in their high school transcript.


    So what options will my student have after fifth grade?

    Click here for the Sixth Grade Dual Language Parent Meeting Presentation.

Ell's Corner for Teachers


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