Sam's Club Purchases

  • Sam's Club - Lewisville is the ONLY district approved location! 


    • Enter a requisition in ASCENDER using Vendor# 99407
    • In the location marked "Order For" enter who the purchase is for 
    • In the location marked "Reason" enter the reason for the purchase
    • In the location marked "Reference Number" enter the words : Open PO
    • In the location marked “Bid Nbr.” be sure to enter the word: PACE
    • In the location marked "Catalog Nbr." enter the words: NTE $ (enter the amount).
    • In the location marked “Description” enter a detailed description of what the Open PO will be used for. If more space is needed, feel free to use the location marked “Long Description” as well.
    • In the "Line Item Notes" tab be sure to enter: Only this/these LEISD employee(s): __[Insert authorized employee(s) NAME(s) here]__ is/are authorized to use this Purchase Order and must show their driver's license and LEISD Identification.
    • You can enter an Open PO with both “food & paper product items” but enter a line item for “Food” using 6498 and a separate line item for “Paper Product Items” using 6499.
    • As soon as you have the fully executed Open PO, be sure to print out an extra page to leave at the store (this will need to be done for each trip to Sam's Club).

     *Our district issued credit card will be stored at the Sam's Club - Lewisville location. When checking out, be sure to let the cashier know that you are with Little Elm ISD so that he/she can then ask for our Sam's Club credit card in order to pay for your purchase.

    *Walmart credit cards will NOT be used/intended for Sam's Club purchases (as we now will have our district issued card stored at the Sam's Club - Lewisville location).

    *When making a purchase using an Open PO to Sam's Club, take the time to make sure that funds are readily available. The Purchase Order submitted for payment (with receipt) needs to match the Purchase Order that was used at the time of purchase.

    *Submit receipt that will need to be signed by your campus principal/administrator along with all other necessary paperwork (as normal).