• Little Elm Independent School  District  will  provide  Credit  by  Examination  for Kindergarten Acceleration.  For Kindergarten Acceleration to First Grade, students must be 5 yrs old on or before September 1 or have completed Kindergarten in a public school in another state.  Students must be registered in LEISD for kindergarten prior to submitting an application.  For testing appointment, please submit application to the campus counselor or registrar prior to the deadline, August 6, 2021.  Parents will be notified of appointment for testing by email.  Testing will occur during August prior to school beginning.  

    Application Form: Kindergarten Acceleration

Examinations for Kindergarten Acceleration

  • Administrative Procedures

    I. General Provisions

    1. Little Elm ISD provides examinations for Kindergarten Acceleration. The District will provide two days in August for the administration of kindergarten acceleration examinations. The District has established the testing calendar for grades K-12 according to board policy.
    2. Little Elm ISD will administer the District's kindergarten assessment. A student may take a maximum of two tests per day. Applications for examination for acceleration must be submitted in accordance with the published schedule.
    3. Examinations may be administered at a centralized location within the District.

    II. Assessment for Acceleration

    1. A student who is eligible for kindergarten may be accelerated to first grade by a campus committee consisting of the principal or designee, counselor and a classroom teacher.  If the parent requests acceleration for his/her kindergarten child, the child will be administered the district kindergarten assessment, and the campus committee will make a decision about placement using the results of this test and any other available information that they believe is appropriate.  
    2. The kindergarten acceleration examination will be administered in August, prior to the beginning of school.  
    3. There will be no deposit or charge for the examination.

    Please refer to the Kindergarten Acceleration Policy, EHDC (Legal) and EHDC (Local). Students must be registered as Kindergartners in Little Elm ISD prior to application being submitted.