• Facility Alterations Guidelines


    1. All space at Little Elm I.S.D. belongs to the Little Elm I.S.D. as a whole.  The Executive Director of Operational Services or the Director of Operational Services shall make the final decision about facility alterations.  
    2. Procedures for facility alterations have been developed to insure that L.E.I.S.D. resources are met both spatially and monetarily.  The ultimate goal is that facility alterations meet a time schedule and are cost efficient. This procedure also is used to insure that the changes integrate with existing building systems, comply with safety and building codes.



    • An alteration to the facility is defined as any change to the physical facility.




    A Facility Alteration Request is required for any of the following changes to any and all facilities under the authority of L.E.I.S.D.  Planned facility alterations requiring L.E.I.S.D. approval generally include, but are not limited to the following:

    1. All minor construction: changes in facilities configuration; fabrication, modification, removal, or installation of doors, walls, ceilings, hardware and equipment; fixed interior signage; erection, relocation, or removal of partitions, doors, and windows; and changes in type of finishes (this includes painting) and flooring materials. 
    2. Alteration or penetration of corridors, ceilings, or roofs.
    3. Certain alterations of walls, furniture, equipment items, bookshelves, casework that may potentially impede required egress, fire safety systems, and / or relocation and access to existing electrical and communications outlets. 
    4. Exterior changes to the building and all exterior signage.
    5. Any site or grounds improvements, such as additions or changes to roadways, sidewalks and pavement installation.


    Facility Alteration Requests


    • A Facility Alteration Request Form must be completed and submitted to Operational Services. 
    • Place a work order 


    Please click on the link below to print the form.

    Facility Alteration Form